2007 Region One Gallery

Published: August 12, 2007

The White Mountains New Hampshire Unit of WBCCI hosted the 2007 Region One Rally, Simply Camping. The Airstream rally was held August 9-12, 2007 at the Bondville Fairgrounds in Bondville, VT. The Times Argus Newspaper featured a news article about the Region One Rally.

The fun, fellowship and adventure of the rally was captured thanks to our Region One photographer, Raynold Lemaire. Click on any photo below to start the slide show.

Pam Bleakney Russ Fuller Kathi Mitchell, Lynn Blackwell and Cecile Lemaire Lori and Dave Peirce
Kathi Mitchell, Lynn Blackwell and Cecile Lemaire Lori and Dave Peirce Tracy Mitchell and Cecile Lemaire Pat, Mike, Russ, Kathi and Ken
Pat Brosnahan, Brian Brosnahan and Sandy Sasuta Tristan and Taylor Andrzejewski Tom Collier, Rich Walbridge, Trevor Lake, Gale Lake, and Dottie Walbridge
Rhona, Jane, Harriett, John, and Cynthia Kathi Mitchell and Tracy Mitchell
Russ Fuller Michelle Plunkett and Earl Duesel
Kathi Mitchell and Pam Bleakney Jack, Betty, Kathi, Denzel, and Russ
Cecile Lemaire Trevor and Gale Lake Kathi Mitchell and Terry Tyler
Dick Bartram Cynthia Melocik and Jerry Ingallinera Russ, Bob, and Earl Bob, Russ, Lois and Cecile
Lynn, Mary, Cecile, Mark and Jeff Charles, Ralph, Betty and Muriel Pat and Brian Brosnahan Suzanne and Paul Fuller
Fran Ingallinera and Russ Melocik Ray Bratton, John Tavares and Russ Stearns Ray, Mary Ellen, Dick, Eileen, Helen and Bob Leon Lupien, Trevor Lake, Dottie Walbridge, Rich Walbridge, Rich, Chuck Bleakney, Pam Bleakney
John Fuller, Ralph Mariano and Roland Patient John Fuller, Ralph Mariano and Roland Patient Theda McGrath and Cecile Lemaire
Bulletin boards Cecile, Jane, Rhona, Cynthia and Ralph Russ Fuller
Betty Mariano Gary and Jane Campbell
Tom Collier, Norma Collier, Pam Bleakney and Chuck Bleakney Russ Fuller and Mike Sasuta Russ Fuller Christine Hamel and Larry Leach
Betty Mariano Ken Mitchell, Mike Sasuta and Russ Fuller
Kory Hirak and Lori Peirce Kali Gregoire and Taylor Andrzejewski