Region One President’s Newsletter

Published: January 13, 2008

By Robert (Bob) Thompson II

Bob Thompson, Region One President Good news! Great News! It is my pleasure to announce the official opening of the Region 1 Website at Nancy Platt is to be commended for her fine efforts and creative talent in the development and establishment of our website. Go there and check it out. And go there often, as it will be changing all the time to keep our membership up-to-date as to what is going on in our Region. Not to be outdone, Rich Kushman has also done a fine job in linking the Charter Oak Unit website to Region 1’s site. If you want to know what is going on in Charter Oak, just go to Region 1’s site and click on Charter Oak. It appears to me that they have great plans and lots of going on. Now, if we can get all of the other units linked to our new “.net” we will have the best of the best. Unit Presidents, please request your unit webmasters to contact Nancy Platt and coordinate their linkup as soon as possible as the old “.org” site will be shut down soon. It is noted that most of the units have fine sites, but they are linked to the old .org instead of the new .net.

We are very, very fortunate in our Region to have Audrey Peters as our Contributing Editor to the Blue Beret. Audrey continues to perform above and beyond the call to duty. Her excellent articles are the essence of fine reporting. Thank you Audrey.

At the head of the pack for news releases about our Region goings on is Pam, editor of the New England Unit Quipper and the author of the “e-quip” which is a weekly bulletin on what is going on. Of course the rest of the “pack” is side by side with her in their publishing of their unit Newsletters. Over the years, Region 1 units have led the efforts in publishing fine newsletters and the many awards at International speak for themselves. By-the-way, before I forget, check out the Quebec Canada website – it is in both French and English. Just click on English and there it is. This summer would be a great time to take note of Quebec Canada’s rallies and attend some of them – great events.

Which brings me to the subject of Membership – We are growing in our Region and remember that you can attend any unit’s functions and rallies. And all of our units accept associate memberships – a great way to keep in touch with new and old friends.

At the Region level, your Region board (made up of Region Officers and all of the unit Presidents) has approved electronic business meetings which should reduce the amount of “business” at the region level which will for more fun, fellowship and adventure. Your Region Officers are listening to the membership. The Canadian Atlantic unit asked for Proxy Voting and now the Region Board has voted for it and it is now before the IBT.

The Region level elections are over and the Region Secretary will be sending out her official Report shortly. But I can tell you this, that we have a fine group of Region officers all set to carry on in July of this year. With Franklin Sanders at the helm, Russ Melocik in the rocking chair, and Dan Dureiko manning the caboose, you can look forward to a very enjoyable six years of fun, fellowship and adventure.

So far four of our units have earned merit awards and the presentations will be forth coming soon.

Your Region 1 President and First Lady Harriett are on their way to the IBT in Gonzals, LA and then to Texas. From there we are going to Sarasota for the Florida State Rally, followed by a caravan and and then we will be heading north to New England to enjoy some of the Spring Rallies before going to Bozeman, MT. Hey, what a great idea, why don’t some of you join up with Rich Walbridge’s caravan and come to Bozeman. Then we can all go to Prince Edward Island for the Region 1 Rally.