Maritime Holiday February Press Release

Published: February 16, 2008

Cape Egmont lighthouse You wake up Monday morning and your first thoughts are, “Where did the night go. Yesterday’s happy hour must be the longest in the history of the club. And what a great campfire.” Your thoughts turn to breakfast, as you smell the aroma of coffee and food cooking. Arriving at the cook tent, you are greeted by many friends who kid you about sleeping late. Today’s breakfast is hash browns, eggs and biscuits, also cereal, milk and juices.

At the sidewalk café, you learn about the lighthouse tours and other sightseeing opportunities. Say, is that bag pipers? We better get up to the big top. Wow! That is what I call an opening ceremony. Let’s have a cup of coffee and check out the seminars. This afternoon we’ll go lighthouse hunting. Gee, we must have taken 100 pictures. The lobster rolls for lunch were great. Bob warned us that there were ice cream stands everywhere. I don’t think we missed a single one.

Well, it is getting late and almost time for happy hour. I hear it is going to be a real treat. After that, we’re having a PEI beef dinner with all the trimmings so let’s not be late getting back to camp. I hear there is a great “DJ” for entertainment tonight and they are giving out door prizes.

Bob said that there would be a campfire again tonight and for those who want indoor games in the rec hall, I heard that they are also going to raffle off money for the bridge toll. I’m glad we car pooled with the couple next door. We had lots of fun together. Tomorrow, they are driving oh! I’ve got to transfer the pictures from my camera to the computer and put one or two in the photo contest.

Did you notice the great decorations? The Canadian Atlantic unit made them. I hope I can get one to take home with me. I hear that there will be stargazing after the campfire for those up to it. Never have I seen so many stars and so bright! Our other neighbors said they spent the afternoon around the pool just relaxing and talking with their friends.

For more info and a registration form, see the flier at the Region One website. Don’t forget the easy way to get here is to join the caravan from Region 2 or Pam Bleakney’s or Rich Walbridges’s caravans. Also talk to Dan over at Cape Cod about his express caravan.