Maritime Holiday May Press Release

Maritime Holiday May Press Release

Published: May 22, 2008

Leards Rear Range lighthouse One of the most beautiful “Jewels of the World” is Prince Edward Island, Canada. An island with fantastic scenic harbors and coves with picture perfect lighthouses and with many points of interest.

Now close your eyes and think of a lobster boat coming through the mist heading for the dock with a load of lobsters or a potato farmer working in the field. Think of the smell of baking goods as you come into the villages. It’s all there and more. (By the way, after stopping for that fresh bread, go on down the road to the jam and jelly factory to get something to put on it!)

This rally is like no other, because each day you must decide to go to the beach; to visit lighthouses; to sightsee; to play golf; attend seminars; or to do nothing but relax by yourself or with the many friends that will be there.

Should you decide to visit Charlotte, be prepared to spend the day. Besides the Provincial Capital, there are dozens of shops with many, many fine things for sale. Be sure to take your camera. Restaurants are everywhere for your enjoyment. There are so many ways to fix a potato that there are cookbooks about it here. There is a rumor that there will be a storyteller at the rally and lots of ice cream. “Yes, Virginia”, at this rally you have choices and can do what you want. It is also the 100th Anniversary of “Anne of Green Gables”, with many events, activities and museums.

We will be having raffles, auctions and door prizes every day. We are asking our members to please bring something new to donate to these activities if you can. It is much appreciated.

Having considered the adult Airstreamer’s, we now are developing the youth program. So far, a poolside “GAM”, (Get Acquainted Meeting), a day at the beach, hiking, kite flying contest and campfires are planned. We are working on biking and some tours. So if you are 13 to 17 years and are coming to the rally, let Bob know via e-mail (below), what you want to do, so we can try to set it up.

We have 11 seminars, 4 workshops and two presentations for your education and pleasure. Now, we know you cannot attend everything, nor can you do everything, but the idea is for you to come, have fun, fellowship and adventure, while doing what you want. The choice will be yours. The only way you can do wrong is if you don’t come! This is the ONE RALLY you do not want to miss.

Registration forms can be found on the Region One Rally page of this website or for more information, contact: Bob Thompson (WBCCI#280) address is in the WBCCI Directory, or e-mail at BOB9581@HUGHES.NET.