Region One President’s Newsletter – November 2008

Published: November 22, 2008

By Franklin Sanders

Franklin Sanders, Region One President

Russ Melocik Resigns as 1st Vice President, Region 1

I regret to advise that J. Russell Melocik, First Vice President of Region 1, has resigned effective January 16, 2009, for personal reasons. Russ has agreed to continue as Legislative Chair of Region 1. Look for Russ & Cynthia to remain active at Region and International events. Russ has served with distinction as Second Vice President of Region 1 in 2006-2008, and as First Vice President since last July 5th. Russ and I previously enjoyed working together as officers of White Mountains NH Unit. Franklin Sanders

Dan Dureiko, Second Vice President of Region 1, automatically will succeed to the position of First Vice President on January 16, 2009. His term in that office will extend to July 4, 2010. According to WBCCI Bylaws, the resulting vacancy in the position of Second Vice President should be filled by the Region 1 Board of Directors not earlier than 60 days after the vacancy occurs.

Elections will be held at Fall Business Meetings in 2009 to fill the offices of Region President, First Vice President and Second Vice President for 2010-2012, based upon the report of the Region 1 Nominating Committee to the Region 1 Annual Meeting in 2009.

Bob Thompson Reinstated as Member of WBCCI and NEU

A Special IBT Grievance Review Committee, on October 8, 2008, rendered its ‘final and conclusive’ decision that “the suspension of Robert E. and Harriett Thompson II is overturned”. The Review Committee directed the International Executive Committee to reinstate the Thompsons with no break in service. This has been effected, and was announced by International President Jerry Larson on October 20, 2008.

The Review Committee also recommended that its findings be published in the Blue Beret and be posted on the website. This recommendation was not adopted by the International Executive Committee, as such publication would be in violation of the confidentiality requirements of Robert’s Rules of Order, Section 61, Rights of the Society and the Accused.

Please join in welcoming the Thompsons back in Region 1, and to the New England Unit, and in wishing them good health and happy traveling.

Region 1 Board of Directors Reconstituted

The election and installation of new Presidents in five of our six units at Fall Business Meetings and Installations brings change to the Region 1 Board of Directors. The membership of the Board is now:

  • Franklin Sanders, #273 (President)
  • Russell Melocik, #8877 (First VP to Jan. 16)
  • Dan Dureiko, #29072 (Currently Second VP)
  • David Olivier, #6162 (Canadian Atlantic Unit)
  • Cecile Lemaire, #203 (Cape Cod MA Unit)
  • Raymond Richard, #1445 (Charter Oak CT Unit
  • Titu Ahmed, #2905 (New England Unit)
  • Pauline Massicotte, #24206 (QuĂ©bec Canada Unit)
  • Kathi Mitchell, #2600 (White Mountains NH Unit)

Congratulations to the new unit presidents on their elections, and best wishes for fun, fellowship and adventure in the new club year.

Unit Planning Guide & Merit Award Program

Outgoing unit presidents should complete their Merit Award Applications and submit them to the Region 1 President within 60 days of the end of their terms of office. Your Region 1 President has received three submissions; the other three are now due!

WBCCI Unit Leadership Workshop Certificates Awarded

Six members of Region 1 units participated in the WBCCI Unit Leadership Workshops in Bozeman, Montana during the 2008 International Rally.

Trevor and Gale Lake, #4688, First Vice President and Director of Cape Cod MA Unit, and Rich Kushman, #1445, Past President of Charter Oak CT Unit, each completed two workshops, and have been awarded Certificates of Achievement.

Cecile and Raynold Lemaire, #203, President and First Mate of Cape Cod MA Unit, completed all four of the workshops offered, and have been awarded Certificates of Achievement for the workshops and Quality Pins for completing the complete program.

Congratulations to all of you!

Region 1 Florida Luncheons

Two winter luncheons have been scheduled for our “snowbirds”, on Florida’s East and West Coasts. Plan now to join fellow Airstreamers in the Sunshine State and laugh at those of us up north!

“Region 1 Folks” Luncheon will be held Thursday, January 15th, at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, 880 Palm Bay Road, Palm Bay, FL. 321-722-4142. (From I-95, take Exit 176. Head east. The Golden Corral is a short way down the road, on the right.) Hosts are Russ & Cynthia Melocik, #8877, Tel. 352-874-7213.

“Region 1 West Coast Luncheon” will be held Tuesday, February 10th, at Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, 940 South Broad Street, Brooksville, FL. (From I-75, Exit 301, take Cortez Boulevard (US-98/FL-50) 10 miles east; turn left on East ML King Boulevard 1.4 miles to South Broad Street. Turn left. The Golden Corral is on the right. Hosts are Dan Dureiko & Bob Butler, #29072. Tel. 860-917-2345.

Unit Activities in Region 1

Don’t forget that several units in Region 1 are planning Holiday Parties in early December. Information is available from unit newsletters, unit websites, or via, which has links to most of our unit websites.

A review of units’ rally schedules for 2008 indicates an increasing range of activities, including more winter luncheons and more frequent rallies in season. Region 1’s largest units, Charter Oak CT Unit and New England Unit, are each planning two rallies a month during the warmer months, and NEU has scheduled rallies in March, at Hallowe’en, and at Thanksgiving! Do take advantage of these wonderful choices. All WBCCI Members are welcome at any unit event – subject only to making timely reservations when required!

White Mountains NH Unit is grateful to one of its members for his work in building a new unit website which, hopefully, will be on line before the New Year!

What’s News in Region 1?

Your Region President plans the next Region 1 Newsletter following the Mid-Winter IBT Meeting in Montgomery, TX. Your suggested news items will be most welcome, preferably after January 1st.