First Nation’s Day
Published: March 5, 2011
By the Quebec Canada Unit
At the summer of 2011, we are expecting many of you to attend our First Nations Rally in Rivière-Rouge, Quebec, Canada.
Our goal is to give you an idea of what is important to the First Nations. During the rally, one day will be dedicated to them. By doing so, we will take you to a sacred site where we will share with you our ancestor’s spirituality, customs and traditions. It is our responsibility as an Eastern Nation to transmit their knowledge of the sacred ceremonies like the sweat lodge, the medicine wheel and their way of living in harmony with mother earth, all the elements that are surrounding us, all the nations in the respect of the following seven generations to come.
On that sacred site, everyone is placed in a circle where our elder ones share their knowledge with us, we also celebrate some wedding ceremonies. During the year, we also organize a special day for the kids, during which we play some games and take some quality time to share with them as they are the ones we honor during that special day. They are our future and the ones that will spread the knowledge of their ancestors to the following generations.
We also share the knowledge of our ancestors with other communities in the Province.

We cherish the kids and take care of them; they are always welcome in all the activities of the first nations.
So during that day on the sacred site we will have a visit of a tee-pee, of a sweat lodge, of the medicine wheel, we will have a short ceremony, we will share a lunch with the people of the Wenawak community. There will be someone explaining the important medicine plants used by the first nations. At the end, there will be some booths of handmade crafts.
This day will be one you will remember because when you enter that land, you can feel the peace not only surrounding you, but coming into you. You can feel that you are not alone that the spirits of the ancestors are accompanying us.
Even if during that day, the only thing you feel is that peace surrounding you it will mean that it has been a success. Megwesh (thank you).