2011 “Quietly to Quebec” Region One Caravan
Published: May 3, 2011
By Rich and Dottie Walbridge
Quietly to QuebecRegion One is going to Riviere Rouge, Quebec to attend the Region One Rally and you are invited to join the Region One Caravan that is crossing through New York’s beautiful Adirondack Mountains. The caravan will rendezvous at the Danbury, CT (eastbound camping rest area) on July 23, 2011.

There are 17 days of sightseeing, touring & traveling planned along the way. The caravan has been arranged so you won’t feel like you have been on the road pushing for that destination way off in the distance. Experience “PULL-IN—UNHITCH—TOUR”; no time-consuming registrations or paying out of pocket at the campgrounds; it has all been done for you.

Caravanning is all about friends traveling together and enjoying each other’s company, so the schedule has been worked out where our daily tours, campfires, ice cream socials, dinners and happy hours take place just when you want them; we have not encroached on downtime so you can relax or be as busy as you want to be. Our drives are reasonable in length and will not be considered a chore on driving days. Hooking up and traveling with fellow caravanners will be easy because we have even arranged “work” for everyone to take part in. Providing some responsibility for caravanners is just part of the game of getting member’s schedules together, thus traveling and having fun with someone you might not know quite as well as another.

Some of the activities planned are a visit to the Adirondack Museum, a cruise on Raquette Lake, a tour of the Lake Placid Olympics Facilities, a bus tour of Ottawa (Capital of Canada), a tour of Old Montreal, and a tour of Quebec City. For more information, see the sign-up form and calendar links at the bottom of this page or contact Rick or Dottie.

Contact information:

Rich & Dottie Walbridge, Caravan Leaders

15 Edgewood Road

Scituate, MA USA




Rich @ 781-254-6399

Dottie @ 781-248-8116

Quietly to Quebec sign-up form
Quietly to Quebec calendar