Region One President’s Newsletter – July 2011

Region One President’s Newsletter – July 2011

Published: July 9, 2011

By Russ Melocik

The 54th International Convention Rally is in the can. By most testimonies, it was a success. Some 539 registrations were tallied. Included were eleven Region One members (three First-Timers and one Unit President) representing five units plus two Region Officers. Dave Schumann and Rick March represented Airstream in the vendor area. Larry Huttle, Chairman of Airstream, Inc., addressed a packed house and introduced his successor, Justin Humphreys, whose 5-member family is on the grounds in their 30-foot Airstream.

The business meeting went smoothly with discussion focused mainly on the “Motor Home” issue, the Constitution Revision Amendment and expense reduction. The maker of the Constitution Revision Amendment postponed action to allow for more discussion at the Unit level. Both questions will be referred to the 2012 Delegates Meeting for decision.

Two Cynthias earned their stripes at DuQuoin. Cynthia Richard produced the Rally Program. If you have seen one, you can imagine how complex a document it is to organize and publish. At the last minute she also stepped in to rescue the Region One Luncheon, a joint event with Region Five. In her spare time, she helped out at the registration table. Cynthia Melocik gathered Region One Unit flags, borrowed poles and lined up participants in a successful effort to assure R1 pride at the Opening/Flag Ceremony. Five of our six units were smartly represented. Ray Richard, when he was not working in Transportation and as Stage Manager, joined Yours Truly as Committee Coordinator. In his spare time, he worked with his wife, Cynthia. He also helped my Cynthia in a big way. After her printer got cranky and would not obey commands, he offered his printer and time to print a luncheon program.

The Region, White Mountains New Hampshire and Charter Oak Connecticut Units displayed Bulletin Boards. Because no judges could be recruited, publications were not judged.

Bill Thomas of St Louis was the Airstream Dealer Vendor. We hear he sold 10 new trailers and 2 trade-ins while here. He is our Airstream Vendor again in 2012.

Next year’s venue is Sedalia MO. Parking will be on grass and all sites are 30-Amp three-ways. Pricing is the same as DuQuoin plus each registrant gets a ticket for a free picnic afternoon. One-hundred forty-eight early registrations were recorded as of July 05. More detail: $14002.00 was donated to an 18-month-old local youth with Spina Bifida; 1628-lbs of can tabs were received along with more than $100.00 in mixed cash.

On an unfortunate note, Dan Dureiko, First VP, offered his resignation as of July 01, 2011. His work schedule and other demands on his time interfered with his ability to carry out the responsibilities of the position. Thank you, Dan, for giving it a go. We hope to see more of you this rally season. The loss of our First VP means that Ray Richard, Second VP, moves up to First VP for the remainder of Dan’s term. It also means that the Region Nominating Committee is charged with securing three able and willing candidates for presentation at the 2011 Region Rally in Rivière-Rouge. Those elected to office this year will take office at the 2012 International Rally in Sedalia.

See you down the road.