Thanks God, It’s Over

Published: September 10, 2011

The ” First Nations Rally 2011 ” from August 4TH to 8TH , 2011 in Quebec Canada, organized by the Quebec Unit was as successful as possible. We enjoyed having over 60 trailers in our small town of Rivière-Rouge. It was an event to remember and believe me, we will! One thing to really keep in mind is the friendship we felt during the most important activity, which was the “First Nations’ Day”. A hundred and three people participated and they came back with only good, or should I say excellent comments. We had everything, nice people, nice weather and a sunny and hot day. The only thing we have to deplore is that as chairmen we didn’t have enough time to spend with people, which means we will have to attend other Region Rallies to have time to get to know the people. But what we will remember the most is the wonderful experience it was to organize such an activity. Once again thanks to everyone in the organization who gave us a hand even if some people feel they didn’t do much, without all of you it wouldn’t have been possible.

Clemence Lemay and Jean-Pierre Meilleur

Chairmen, First Nations Rally 2011, Region 1 Quebec Canada Unit