Region One News – March 2012

Published: March 1, 2012

By J. Rick Cipot

I am beginning to think that the older us Airstreamers get the faster the time goes by. Seems like just the other day we were getting ready for a long winter’s night. Making plans with family and friends for the holidays about to come, Thanksgiving and the all the other holidays we all enjoy celebrating. Now as I look out my window hopes of spring’s arrival are beginning to appear. Some of us are thinking of heading north once again, while the rest of us pace around in anticipation of getting our beloved Airstreams back on the road. Soon mud season will be upon us and camping season begins. I know there is a joint unit Pet Rally out on Cape Cod planned early in our season and from the looks of other units initial reports, there will be no shortage of rallies to choose from this year.

The Region One Rally for 2012 is shaping up and looks like a rally no one will want to miss. Regional rallies are the one opportunity we have other than International to get together with folks from other areas to share ideas with along with a good time. So many Airstream owners to meet and so little time. I have met many wonderful people who I can now call friends because of the Regional Rallies. You may also want to check out surrounding regions and attend their Regional Rally! Guaranteed a great time. We have been noticing many of the rallies over the years taking on some serious themes and this gives many folks an opportunity to learn a new craft, discover a part of the region you never visited or find a new way to make that minor repair on your rig.

Our club has seen a lot in the past 57 years and I look forward to seeing our beloved club continue another fifty years. The one common denominator that will never change is it’s members inner desire to travel and see things never seen before; make new friends and share in the caring nature Wally showed us in helping those in need when we can. It has been fifty years since we lost Wally in 1962, how strange when you think of 1962 not being all that long ago isn’t it? Well let’s remember and never forget why we joined this great club and let us all continue in the footsteps of our founder. Happy trails and may spring be here soon so that we may once again join our Airstream friends on the road to new adventures!