Region One News – June 2012

Published: June 1, 2012

By J. Rick Cipot

As I am sitting here putting thoughts together for this, the June issue, it is actually April, or what I like to refer to as BBT (Blue Beret Time). As many of you know we need to put together our monthly regional news two months prior to it’s actual publication. Now I am not complaining because I actually find it not only fun but a very creative challenge. On occasion I do pull out my crystal ball to help me see the future so that this column is presented in a timely fashion, other times I just sort of make things up as I move along. In BBT many of us are getting our final plans together for traveling out to Sedalia while others are getting ready for something closer to home. But the great news is that we are all camping here in Region One. As mentioned in the past, there is a vast and varied schedule in our region of some really great rallies.

The Region One 2012 Rally is well into the finished planning stage and with the central location of Thornton New Hampshire, the drive will be moderate for most members. With fuel prices as they are, this location is very comforting not to mention a very historic location once being an Airstream Park. Currently there are many exciting and educational seminars and demonstrations planned along with the WBCCI Regional Bocce Championships. Continue to check for updates of activities on the Region One website.

Just a quick reminder to all the unit presidents, please be sure to get your entries lined up and presented at International. There are a lot of Merit Awards to be had and I am proud to report that our region has done quite well over the years in bringing home these awards.