Ray Richard’s Welcome Message

Ray Richard’s Welcome Message to Region One

Published: July 16, 2012

By Ray Richard

Ray and Cynthia RichardGreetings and welcome to the Region One web page. Many of you already know us, but if we have not yet met, I am Raymond Richard, Region One President, and this lovely lady is my support, confidant and wife Cynthia. We joined WBCCI in 1999 as members of the Big Bend Florida Unit while then living in Tallahassee. My work transferred me back to Connecticut where we joined the Charter Oak CT Unit in 2002, and later became Life members of the Club.

Please visit the websites of our six Units here in Region One and learn about the uniqueness of each individual Unit as well as review the activities schedule for each Unit. All Airstream owners are encouraged and welcomed to attend any of the many Unit Rallies or Luncheons hosted throughout year. Also, it is not too late to register and enjoy this year’s Region One Rally at beautiful Goose Hollow Campground in Thornton, New Hampshire held August 9 through 12, 2012. Contact J. Rick Cipot; mrjrick@aim.com.

If you are currently a Member-At-Large (MAL) or not yet a member of WBCCI and are interested in learning more about Caravans and Rallies, please feel free to call me (203) 804 – 3732 or my wife (860) 834 – 0300 to discuss the many benefits of belonging to Region One. Enjoy your Airstream Adventures and Fellowship with other members enjoying the Airstream life style.

Region One News – July 2012

Region One News – July 2012

Published: July 1, 2012

By J. Rick Cipot

Happy birthday Wally. Hard to believe that we are at mid season for camping up here in New England but here we are. By now the corn is knee high and summers joys are all around. Since spring never sprung, many of us did get an early start to our camping season and each of our regional units have had some very nice rallies. A few of us ventured further north to visit our Canadian brothers and sisters and there is a lot of camping left.

I guess the big news around these parts right now is the Region One Rally being held in Thornton, New Hampshire. Just a month away, Airstreams will be coming in from all corners of our region and then some. The event schedule is pretty impressive for this year offering something for everyone. Harmonica seminar, Bocce, hiking, kayaking, Vintage open house, blacksmithing demo, leather class, photography seminar, Red Hook beer tasting, seminars on trailer repairs & maintenance, fruit carving class, Craft Sale and Swap meet…… and the list goes on. Check it all out at the Region One link on our website.

Some great news on the membership side of our region, we have had a wonderful influx of new members over the past several months joining in on the fun and adventure. I want to take a moment to first say hello and welcome to the fun. Second, come on out and enjoy your membership with new friends and plenty of places to go. Being a member is more than just paying annual dues, it’s all about traveling and seeing the sights and of course making new friends along the way.

While there is still plenty of great camping weather ahead of us, make plans to join up with your WBCCI friends all across our region. Visit with another unit on one of their rallies, make new friends and see new sights. Or why not offer to host a rally of your own, if not this year we always have next year to plan for.

Region One President’s Newsletter – July 2012

Region One President’s Newsletter – July 2012

Published: July 1, 2012

By Russ Melocik

Since we last reported, the Region’s activities have been dominated by prep for the trip to Sedalia and its own beehive of activities. The beginning of the Sedalia experience was a call ahead to see if the Bull Pen would be available for a 1-day-early arrival. It was not only open, it also offered 30A power. The next day we were parked on grass in a huge area across a county road from the Missouri State Fairgrounds, a city unto itself. Our meetings and seminars were in rooms that were comfortably air conditioned as was the main arena/vendor area. Hindsight tells us that the rally venue was a good call. Our thanks to International President Barry Heckenswiler for his Sedalia plans.

The Region was represented by all three officers, Bob & Carol Luther, Tye Mott & Ron Chateauneuf. Tye is the region’s newly-appointed 2VP. He sat in on our region officer meetings, seminars and the IBT meeting as well as representing the Cape Cod Unit as Unit President and delegate. As soon as his term as Unit President expires in September, 2012, our region will once again have full representation.

The rally tone having been set, it took no time at all for the meat of the IBT meetings to be opened for discussion. With the pending withdrawal of the “Motor Home Motion,” discussion focused on the Constitution Revision Motion. While there was little doubt that our constitution needs a facelift, there was a shortage of members/delegates with a clear understanding of the interface of the old and new constitutions as well as the documents themselves. A scenario: Had the delegates voted in favor of the Constitution Revision, it would have become effective immediately and the delegates would have been dismissed. After some technical and parliamentary discussion, the revision amendment was committed to the Constitution and By-Laws Committee for one year. The bright side of this decision is that the club now has a first-rate understanding of what the membership needs to understand. We all have a year to dig in on this issue and share thoughts to guide the 2013 Huron SD IBT delegates to the right decision.

Stay tuned to Blue Beret and News and Views for additional Sedalia information.

With this newsletter my term as Region One President comes to an end. The new officers will soon comprise Ray Richard, Pres, Ernie Bauer 1VP and Tyrone Mott, 2VP. Your region will be in good hands. My thanks go to Nancy Platt for updating the R1 website information link and to each of the Unit Presidents for reading these newsletters and passing them along to the unit membership. Thanks, all, for your support.