Region One News – July 2012

Published: July 1, 2012

By J. Rick Cipot

Happy birthday Wally. Hard to believe that we are at mid season for camping up here in New England but here we are. By now the corn is knee high and summers joys are all around. Since spring never sprung, many of us did get an early start to our camping season and each of our regional units have had some very nice rallies. A few of us ventured further north to visit our Canadian brothers and sisters and there is a lot of camping left.

I guess the big news around these parts right now is the Region One Rally being held in Thornton, New Hampshire. Just a month away, Airstreams will be coming in from all corners of our region and then some. The event schedule is pretty impressive for this year offering something for everyone. Harmonica seminar, Bocce, hiking, kayaking, Vintage open house, blacksmithing demo, leather class, photography seminar, Red Hook beer tasting, seminars on trailer repairs & maintenance, fruit carving class, Craft Sale and Swap meet…… and the list goes on. Check it all out at the Region One link on our website.

Some great news on the membership side of our region, we have had a wonderful influx of new members over the past several months joining in on the fun and adventure. I want to take a moment to first say hello and welcome to the fun. Second, come on out and enjoy your membership with new friends and plenty of places to go. Being a member is more than just paying annual dues, it’s all about traveling and seeing the sights and of course making new friends along the way.

While there is still plenty of great camping weather ahead of us, make plans to join up with your WBCCI friends all across our region. Visit with another unit on one of their rallies, make new friends and see new sights. Or why not offer to host a rally of your own, if not this year we always have next year to plan for.