Region One News – March 2013

Published: March 1, 2013

By J. Rick Cipot

Here it is only March and our rally schedule for 2013 is almost full! I am sure that many our WBCCI friends in the southern and western states don’t quite understand the ailment “Cabin Fever”. I now several of our Canadian members do. Also members of the upper mid-west suffer from this terrible condition. It has been a strange winter at best and I for one look forward to getting on the road. I will be honest, right now it is early morning, dark and 6F outside. Not a happy place. Spring is on its way.

One of the things that has kept me busy this past winter season is spending time checking up on units in other regions. Just one of the many new ways we as WBCCI members communicate is through the web site. Checking in on what other units are doing has opened up a treasure chest of new ideas. Let’s be honest, we all have a tendency to “get stuck in a rut”. OK, for you youngsters out there a rut is what a wagon wheel leaves in the soft road bed while being pulled to market. After several trips the crevice gets so deep and hard that you just can’t go anywhere except where you have been before. In other words, you keep showing up to happy hour with a bowl of Chex Mix. How about we make it a goal this year in Region One to spice it up a bit? I know it has been done before in different ways but wouldn’t it be fun to compile for the coming months your best Happy Hour treat and Pot Luck dinner recipes for publication? If I receive enough recipes we could put them all together and publish into a fine book for just a few bucks a piece. By the way, what if we make it open to all regions? Let me know your thoughts and see where this project takes us. Keep safe and I look forward to seeing you down the road.