Region One News – August 2013

Region One News – August 2013

Published: August 1, 2013

By J. Rick Cipot

I hope that everyone arrived home safe and sound after another fantastic International Rally. There is nothing better than looking out and seeing a beautiful sea of shiny aluminum. Ever since I was nine years old I wanted one of those airplane shaped campers with big red numbers. At the time I didn’t know what the red numbers represented but every time I saw an Airstream they had them. To me, I look at those numbers as a badge of belonging to a unique of individuals who have so much in common with the common denominator being we all own Airstreams. There is neither a finer travel trailer nor group of members to be found anywhere. Now to make that experience even better, owners of said travel trailers and recreational vehicles have a tendency to gather in small groups all across our wonderful country side and up into Canada to enjoy the sights and company of each other.

Just as the early settlers of the wild west, we gather our Airstreams together not to protect ourselves but to be closer together to share the evening meal, drinks, campfires and story telling. A long standing tradition of WBCCI members handed down from some of Wally’s closest and dearest friends. We have has the pleasure to camp with each of the different units in our region and find ourselves always welcomed where ever we are. Happy hours, pot luck dinners, campfires, gazing up at the night sky, now that is what WBCCI camping should be.

We may be half way through our camping season her in Region One but there is still so much to see and do and I can see from the unit postings the variety of camping options is expansive. From wine tasting to chocolate lovers, your region has it. Also, please don’t think it is too late to ad another rally to your unit’s schedule. Extra rallies are always welcome offering even more fun and adventure. Remember that this is your club and I always welcome comments, suggestions and ideas for things to do and share with our fellow members.