Region One News – September 2013

Published: September 1, 2013

By J. Rick Cipot

Living in New England has so many benefits of which having four seasons is pretty much at the top of the list. As the weather gets just a bit cooler and the kids start heading back to school, we all anticipate the fine fall weather to come. There is truly nothing like camping and traveling around the New England area this time of year. Art shows, flea markets, farmers markets and music on a town green, just some of the pleasures which surround us.

As I check our rally schedule for Region One, there are still many opportunities to get out there with you fellow Airstreamers, whether it be your unit or another, there is plenty of camping to go around. In addition to camping with your friends, there are more than enough state and public campgrounds to do a little exploring of your own. As much fun as rallies are it is nice to get out into the woods along a river with a campfire going at dusk reading a good book and still have your own cozy bed to crawl into at the end of the day. With that in mind, the New England Unit is asking its members to submit a report of sorts of their favorite campgrounds. I would like to extend this invitation to all WBCCI members in Region One. Just email me the listing for your favorite campground(s) along with location, address, website if available and a brief description of the campground and why it is one of your favorite places to camp. Please email me with your blurb and I will gather the information and make it available to everyone at the end of the year. We are always looking for new places and I am sure many others in our Region would find such information useful.

There appears to be a trend in our unit which I have been encouraging for quite a while and that is joint rallies. I want to thank all of our members for reaching out to other units and joining in on the fun. I know sometimes we all get in a rut and a rally can easily become the same old – same old; have no fear – share your ideas. Never hosted a rally before? Well you should. Why? Because it is a lot of fun sharing a new adventure, location or activity with your friends. Ask another couple to co-host with you if you need help the first time out. A rally can be a simple event of camping for a weekend to a themed party lasting several days. But I will grant you this, you will have fun! Fellow Airstreamers are always will to jump in to lend a hand no matter what the task. Remember, it is all about friendships and adventures.