Region One News – May 2017
Published: May 1, 2017
By J. Rick Cipot

Region One is hopping with activity and if anyone thinks there’s nothing to do, shame on you. For starters, there is the Region One Gathering. Probably a bit late last minute notice, but well worth making the effort to attend. A brief history of the Gathering for you new members. Historically each region in the WBCCI holds a Region Rally. It is usually a four plus day event for all the region members to attend. A wonderful way to keep in touch with friends from other units and making new friends on the region level. Breakfasts, dinners, live music, raffles and lots of social activities are the core of the rally along with the annual regional business meeting. In the past the host of the regional rally has been a unit effort each year being passed to the next unit in line. The last night of the region rally, the next year’s hosts would make a presentation to the attendees to generate excitement and interest for the following year.

Region One has seen a membership drop over the past few years and it was evident that it was getting more and more difficult for the smaller units to host a region rally. A committee was assembled and they were asked to make a report to the region membership on the future of the region rally and what other regions may be doing. The committee put together a report and a proposal for the future of the Region One Rally and submitted it to the membership. The proposal was discussed and voted on and is now accepted as the new standard for Region One. The Region One Rally in all its glamour will continue on alternating years giving each hosting unit 24 months to plan and present the Region One Rally. On the off years, there will be a gathering hosted by the regional officers. A low cost, no frills get together in order to conduct the business of the Region as noted in our charter. This year’s gathering is May 4-7 at the fairgrounds in Fryeburg, Maine. You will find the rally sheet on the website. This will be our second gathering and I must admit the first one was a wonderful time, laid back a few meals, catching up with old friends and definitely made several new friends. Hope to see you there.

Now how is it that we all have become friends, share adventures together and find time for happy hours and a meal? The obvious answer is the WBCCI. For Sandi and I, this has been one of the great adventures of our life. Who knew buying an Airstream would have such an impact in our daily lives? Absolutely no regrets and looking forward to many, many more years of adventure. The New England Unit has become our extended family. We share birthdays, anniversaries and life’s events with so many of our WBCCI family members. I rarely inject personal experiences in my notes to the Blue Beret, but this time I’m making an exception. Our WBCCI family has given us so much and we have shared with so many of you the time we have on the road and camping. Trading in our tent for the Safari has been one of the greatest adventures that so far have lasted eleven years. Next month, Sandi and I will be celebrating our tenth year anniversary of marriage. Hard to believe that ten years ago our friends planned and executed the first ever WBCCI Wedding Rally. Four days of celebrating our union in front of Airstreams and our beloved extended family. Thank you all for that. So where am I going with this? Our unit, our family has given so much to our Airstream experience that if it were not for them you wouldn’t reading this. So if you were to ask me what can I do, my answer is simple, get involved. Start slow, host a few rallies, volunteer as a Trustee or Director, work your way up through the ranks. Don’t worry, everyone is there to help but for our units to continue with the current growth of new members we have been seeing over the past twelve months, we need to keep our units in functioning form. Please think about volunteering to join your board of directors for your unit. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that and I’m still extremely active with WBCCI. I love this club and when someone asks me, hey what are those big red numbers on your camper I’m happy to share my WBCCI story.

All the best to everyone and keep the shiny side up.