Region One News – June 2017
Published: June 1, 2017
By J. Rick Cipot

Ah June…the time for weddings, graduations and Father’s Day. Sounds like a commercial or an opening for a greeting card. Well I guess this would be a greeting card of some sort, or perhaps more appropriately an invitation: Come join us for the best time you will ever have in an aluminum can! There I said it. One of the greatest benefits of being a WBCCI member is meeting like minded folks like yourself. And just who is the average Airstream owner? Short people, tall people. Working people, retired people. Fun people, serious people. Active people, laid-back people. And what do we all have in common? Aluminum!

I can’t remember a single rally in over 11 years where we didn’t meet someone new, discover a new appetizer or side dish or a quick side-bar with the “guys” where a new little tidbit is shared concerning our wonderful home on wheels. Ah local gossip, the ever present “happy hour” is a breeding ground for all the local news, good or bad, truthful or not. You would be surprised by all the great things one can learn during these must have historic gatherings. By the way, I have made more friends at the hundreds of happy hour gatherings we have attended than any neighborhood gathering. Of course, that may be due to the fact that we don’t have neighbors.

Short and sweet this month as I have to run out and purchase yet another wedding gift for some relative I’ve never met. The camping season is young with lots to do. And remember, keep the shiny side up!