2018 Region One Rally

Region One Rally 2018

2018 Region One Rally
The New England Unit proudly presents an Airstream Country Jamboree for your enjoyment August 9-12, 2018, centrally located at the North Haverhill Fairgrounds in North Haverhill, NH. The theme is country and the food is local. There will be activities that range from our own private train car on the Mt. Washington Cog Railway to hiking, biking, kayaking, farm tours and the local culture of Hanover NH, the home of Dartmouth College. We also plan a range of seminars for your learning enjoyment.

We will source nearly all of our food from local farms. The corn and tomatoes will be grown for us by 4 Corners Farm in nearby South Newbury Vermont and the eggs for your breakfast will be laid by chickens at Green Bough Farm only ten minutes from your plate. King Arthur Flour of nearby Norwich, VT will supply the flour for the pancakes and the maple syrup will be produced from nearby trees. The ice cream is the best you have ever tasted by Hatchland Dairy in North Haverhill. Coffee, by its very nature, is not local and it will be supplied by Peet’s Coffee and Tea of Berkley, CA, the original craft coffee purveyor. Picture 200 Airstreamers at one long table as afternoon turns to evening, enjoying a farm to table dinner featuring a pig roast starring a formerly local pig. Add a few instruments and a caller and a square dance will cap off the entertainment on Saturday night.

We are planning on having a private car on the Cog Railway on the New Hampshire’s Mount Washington.

This promises to be a memorable event so sign-up today and then shine up those boots and get out your cowboy hat. If you have questions just ring the virtual triangle and I will be in touch. -Doug Hart

Press Releases
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Rally Announcements

Spring is in the air. St. Patrick’s Day and the Vernal Equinox this month promise good luck and the start of camping season is near. With that said, any good cowboy will tell you that the music and dance is a grand tradition.

Music and Dance

The R1R will be providing superb music and dance in keeping with our Country Jamboree theme. As Saturday evening’s entertainment we have planned a “Barn Dance” with a live multi-piece band and a caller who is successful at helping inexperienced dancers have a great time.

Just for your reference, here is our caller, David Millstone’s philosophy:

“A few words about my philosophy for calling these events: At weddings and other private parties, the greatest number of people are not experienced traditional dancers. My aim is to get everyone moving as quickly as possible and as much as possible. In my opinion, this is not the appropriate venue to teach some complicated series of dance figures; people are not there to learn the latest hot, complex move. People are there to have fun, not to get a difficult brain workout! Consequently, unless I know that there will be a lot of experienced dancers there, I pick dances that can involve all ages, from youngsters through seniors. It’s helpful to let women in particular know to bring some comfortable shoes for the dancing; swinging on a barn floor in high heels isn’t fun!”

David has procured a renowned regional band that he has worked with before in calling dances such as ours. They play traditional instruments including twin fiddles, banjo , guitar and mandolin. Their repertoire includes New England tunes, Appalachian tunes and Quebecois tunes.

Region One News – February 2018

Region One News – February 2018
Published: February 1, 2018
By J. Rick Cipot

February, an odd little month when it comes to Airstreams and camping. Why you may ask? I haven’t a clue! If anything I may not be the best person to write about February and how that fits into our wonderful club. But there are a few things I would like to share that have absolutely nothing to with anything.

According to a popular legend, July was named after Julius Caesar and hence it had 31 days. Later, when Augustus Caesar took over the Roman Empire, he wanted August, the month named after him, to have 31 days as well. So two extra days were taken from February, which was then left with 28 days. However, some historians don’t agree with this reasoning. They believe February always had 28 days ever since the time of King Numa Pompilius. He decided that a year would have 355 days, the length of 12 lunar cycles. Back then, even numbers were considered unlucky. So, he created seven months with 29 days, and four with 31. Since he now needed one short even-numbered month, he chose February, as it was considered the least favorite month for it arrived during the middle of winter. And hence, it was given only 28 days.

Before 2002, Super Bowl Sunday was held the last Sunday in January, but since 2002 it is more commonly held the first Sunday of February. Now that’s pretty exciting. First Lady Louisa Adams along with Abraham Lincoln were born in February. However when in 1879 Frank Winefield Woolworth opened his first 5 cent store in Utica, NY neither were still alive. Other than the obvious, President’s Day, Ground Hog Day and Valentine’s Day, there is always the opportunity for a New England Nore’Easter. That’s when everyone runs to the local grocery store to purchase milk, eggs and bread. I always found it very strange walking down the bread aisle and not a single loaf to be found. It wasn’t until recently did I discover that in New England during a winter storm you are supposed to eat French Toast!

Well I have probably worn out my welcome by now and I do look forward to an exciting camping season for Region One 2018. Of course we have our Regional Rally being hosted by the New England Airstream Club along with a very busy calendar of rallies from all of our Regional Clubs. Also worth noting, several of the Region One Clubs do have open spots rank and file. Please do consider stepping forward to fill one. I know you will be rewarded with knowing that you too are helping keep our great club alive. Till next month, Keep The Shiny Side Up!