Region One News – June 2018

Published: June 1, 2018

By J. Rick Cipot

It’s hard to believe that we are now settled into warmer weather and our camping season in Region One is well underway. Hopefully everyone has been able to get those cobwebs not only out of our furnaces and hot water heaters but our brains too. I always find it hard to get back into our usual routine of setting up camp and taking down the first few weekends of camping. Long winters have a habit of erasing what we take for granted once the season has started. Fortunately nothing serious like leaving the jack stand down and pulling out of our site has happened. Well at least not to us.

June is another one of those busy months with Father’s Day (hint, hint Sara), Flag day, Graduations along with weddings and the first day of summer, hurray. I just recently had also learned that June is “Fight the Filthy Fly” Month, who knew. Busy also is the rally schedule for Region One which we are all looking forward to. It is a wonderful feeling pulling out on a Friday morning with our bikes and my kayak mounted on top of the truck. If you have not yet sent in your registration for the Region One Rally, Jamboree please do so. There is plenty of room for everyone at the fair grounds and the committees have put together a really fun schedule of events from great food to real Cowboy entertainment. Sandi and I always look forward to seeing so many of our friends whenever the region gets together. Come join us for fun with friends and new friends alike.

Looking forward, we see so many opportunities for everyone this year to join up and make new memories and friends. I would encourage everyone to not only review the rallies being offered in our region but other regions as well. I am also happy to report that several of the National Caravans have sold out. Good news for some, not so good for those of you who procrastinated. If you have yet been a participant in a National Caravan you should absolutely add that to your bucket list. Many of your fellow Airstream Club members have put a lot of thought and time into creating a travel experience you’ll never forget.

Enjoy the coming events and as always, drive safe and keep the shiny side up!