Region One News – November 2019

November 2019

By J. Rick Cipot

According to the calendar, camping season is pretty much done here in New England. And of course, the holiday season is in full swing around every corner you walk. I find it amazing that it is already time to start thinking about red roses, heart-shaped candies, and trinkets from the local jewelry store. Yes, that’s right; Valentine’s Day is only twelve weeks from now.  Never really thought about chocolate having a shelf life of ten months! Speaking of holidays I do have a question for our Airstream friends who headed down south for the winter. How does it work wrapping holiday lights around a palm tree listening to Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” while the ice cubes are melting in your Manhattan? It just doesn’t fit in with that good old New England feeling.  Heck, I have a hard enough time with only a few inches of snow on the ground let alone having to mow a lawn on December 25th

Hopefully, everyone in Region One was able to get all of their important paperwork into JC on time this year. I can’t wait to see the rally sheets for 2020 so Sandi and I can start making up our vacation schedule for the year. While others are making lists for the holidays we are getting our vacation requests into the office as quickly as we can. No time for Santa when there is Airstream planning to do. 

I would like to take this opportunity for Sandi and me to wish everyone a joyful and happy holiday season no matter how you celebrate the season. All too often we lose touch with the promise of peace and goodwill. The days slip through our fingers and we realize we hadn’t taken the time to think of those who are less fortunate. We have been blessed with many friends whom we have shared great adventures with and I would like to thank each and every one of you for those memories. We look forward to making new Airstream friends in the coming year and a whole new set of adventures. Peace and love to all and keep the shiny side up.

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