Region One News – February 2020

Blue Beret February 2020

Greetings to all of our Region One Members and those of you who wish you were members. Yes it’s been several months since you last heard from me and I must tell you the truth; I put my typewriter away for the winter and totally forgot that I needed to get my copy into Jackson Center in time for the printer for this edition. Deadlines, go figure. I must share, if it weren’t for Deb at the office I would miss every deadline. Like all of the wonderful folks at headquarters Deb is my guardian angel making sure I get something on paper worth printing.

Much has happened since we last shared a cup of coffee together; the Airstream plant expansion project is incredible and on time. Plant tours of the new facility are expected to begin mid-April, so mark your calendar and travel out west to visit the mothership. To really make the trip worthwhile, break something in your Airstream so you have a valid reason to be there and camp at the teraport. If you haven’t visited the Airstream website recently you really need to check it out. Not only will you find the usual information and photos of all of the offerings currently available but also a wealth of camping information, tips and cool stuff you need to make your adventures even more remarkable. Speaking of websites; our very own WBAC is a work in progress and becoming more engaging as it grows. Lots of interesting points and more information than ever before.

All of the clubs in Region One have been seeing positive growth in their membership and the calendar of events and rallies continues to grow.   First up for this year’s camping season will be the National Event, Pets & Paws which will be a sellout again this year so if you are thinking of attending you no longer have time to think about it, send in your rally form and check. In addition, the Charter oak Club is working overtime putting together the Region One Rally this year. A very exciting time is guaranteed for all so help them out with seed money and send in your registration as soon as you can. You still have time to save a few bucks by registering before April first. 

If you find yourself wanting to share anything with your fellow Region One members, just shoot me a note and I’ll be sure to include it in my next article. 


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