2020 Committee Reports for 2008

2020 Committee Reports

Published: December 29, 2008

It has been almost a year since the International Board of Trustees (IBT) officially established a Long Range Planning Committee for the WBCCI. The 2020 Committee has been very busy over the past year working on a long-range plan along with a vision and mission statements. The links below will provide you with more information about their efforts which will be formally presented to the IBT in January 2009. A new browser webpage will open when you click on a link.

2009 “Meandering to Madison” Region One Caravan

2009 “Meandering to Madison” Region One Caravan

Published: December 22, 2008

Meandering to Madison Caravan

Trevor and Gale Lake have planned a Region One caravan to the WBCCI International Rally in Madison, Wisconsin.
Rendezvousing in Danbury, CT, the caravan will enjoy 12 days on the road with daily activities which include: evening campfires, 3-BBQs, 3-ice cream socials and a “Swizzle” happy hour. Tours included in the caravan are the Corning Glass Museum and a “Behind The Scenes Tour” of Indianapolis Raceway.

With 7 stops, there is plenty of opportunity to tour other attractions: like Watkins Glen SP (with its gorge & waterfalls), Seneca Lake and its wineries, Letchworth SP (better known as the Grand Canyon of the East), Allegheny Nat’l Forest, Cook Forest SP, the Airstream factory, the Experiential Pleasure of the Cup, the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, the Indiana State Museum and Capitol, the Indianapolis Zoo, and Conner Prairie Living History Museum.

Arriving at the 52nd International Rally on 6/23, a caravan farewell banquet will be held and then everyone can get an early start on enjoying the “Early Parking” date.

For more information, contact the caravan leaders:
Trevor & Gale Lake #4688
E-mail: TrevorLake@Verizon.net

Meandering to Madison (R-275) sign-up coupon (opens in a new window)

Region One President’s Newsletter – November 2008

Region One President’s Newsletter – November 2008

Published: November 22, 2008

By Franklin Sanders

Franklin Sanders, Region One President

Russ Melocik Resigns as 1st Vice President, Region 1

I regret to advise that J. Russell Melocik, First Vice President of Region 1, has resigned effective January 16, 2009, for personal reasons. Russ has agreed to continue as Legislative Chair of Region 1. Look for Russ & Cynthia to remain active at Region and International events. Russ has served with distinction as Second Vice President of Region 1 in 2006-2008, and as First Vice President since last July 5th. Russ and I previously enjoyed working together as officers of White Mountains NH Unit. Franklin Sanders

Dan Dureiko, Second Vice President of Region 1, automatically will succeed to the position of First Vice President on January 16, 2009. His term in that office will extend to July 4, 2010. According to WBCCI Bylaws, the resulting vacancy in the position of Second Vice President should be filled by the Region 1 Board of Directors not earlier than 60 days after the vacancy occurs.

Elections will be held at Fall Business Meetings in 2009 to fill the offices of Region President, First Vice President and Second Vice President for 2010-2012, based upon the report of the Region 1 Nominating Committee to the Region 1 Annual Meeting in 2009.

Bob Thompson Reinstated as Member of WBCCI and NEU

A Special IBT Grievance Review Committee, on October 8, 2008, rendered its ‘final and conclusive’ decision that “the suspension of Robert E. and Harriett Thompson II is overturned”. The Review Committee directed the International Executive Committee to reinstate the Thompsons with no break in service. This has been effected, and was announced by International President Jerry Larson on October 20, 2008.

The Review Committee also recommended that its findings be published in the Blue Beret and be posted on the wbcci.org website. This recommendation was not adopted by the International Executive Committee, as such publication would be in violation of the confidentiality requirements of Robert’s Rules of Order, Section 61, Rights of the Society and the Accused.

Please join in welcoming the Thompsons back in Region 1, and to the New England Unit, and in wishing them good health and happy traveling.

Region 1 Board of Directors Reconstituted

The election and installation of new Presidents in five of our six units at Fall Business Meetings and Installations brings change to the Region 1 Board of Directors. The membership of the Board is now:

  • Franklin Sanders, #273 (President)
  • Russell Melocik, #8877 (First VP to Jan. 16)
  • Dan Dureiko, #29072 (Currently Second VP)
  • David Olivier, #6162 (Canadian Atlantic Unit)
  • Cecile Lemaire, #203 (Cape Cod MA Unit)
  • Raymond Richard, #1445 (Charter Oak CT Unit
  • Titu Ahmed, #2905 (New England Unit)
  • Pauline Massicotte, #24206 (Québec Canada Unit)
  • Kathi Mitchell, #2600 (White Mountains NH Unit)

Congratulations to the new unit presidents on their elections, and best wishes for fun, fellowship and adventure in the new club year.

Unit Planning Guide & Merit Award Program

Outgoing unit presidents should complete their Merit Award Applications and submit them to the Region 1 President within 60 days of the end of their terms of office. Your Region 1 President has received three submissions; the other three are now due!

WBCCI Unit Leadership Workshop Certificates Awarded

Six members of Region 1 units participated in the WBCCI Unit Leadership Workshops in Bozeman, Montana during the 2008 International Rally.

Trevor and Gale Lake, #4688, First Vice President and Director of Cape Cod MA Unit, and Rich Kushman, #1445, Past President of Charter Oak CT Unit, each completed two workshops, and have been awarded Certificates of Achievement.

Cecile and Raynold Lemaire, #203, President and First Mate of Cape Cod MA Unit, completed all four of the workshops offered, and have been awarded Certificates of Achievement for the workshops and Quality Pins for completing the complete program.

Congratulations to all of you!

Region 1 Florida Luncheons

Two winter luncheons have been scheduled for our “snowbirds”, on Florida’s East and West Coasts. Plan now to join fellow Airstreamers in the Sunshine State and laugh at those of us up north!

“Region 1 Folks” Luncheon will be held Thursday, January 15th, at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, 880 Palm Bay Road, Palm Bay, FL. 321-722-4142. (From I-95, take Exit 176. Head east. The Golden Corral is a short way down the road, on the right.) Hosts are Russ & Cynthia Melocik, #8877, Tel. 352-874-7213. cyrus@thevillages.net.

“Region 1 West Coast Luncheon” will be held Tuesday, February 10th, at Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, 940 South Broad Street, Brooksville, FL. (From I-75, Exit 301, take Cortez Boulevard (US-98/FL-50) 10 miles east; turn left on East ML King Boulevard 1.4 miles to South Broad Street. Turn left. The Golden Corral is on the right. Hosts are Dan Dureiko & Bob Butler, #29072. Tel. 860-917-2345. wbcci29072@aol.com.

Unit Activities in Region 1

Don’t forget that several units in Region 1 are planning Holiday Parties in early December. Information is available from unit newsletters, unit websites, or via http://region1.wbcci.net/, which has links to most of our unit websites.

A review of units’ rally schedules for 2008 indicates an increasing range of activities, including more winter luncheons and more frequent rallies in season. Region 1’s largest units, Charter Oak CT Unit and New England Unit, are each planning two rallies a month during the warmer months, and NEU has scheduled rallies in March, at Hallowe’en, and at Thanksgiving! Do take advantage of these wonderful choices. All WBCCI Members are welcome at any unit event – subject only to making timely reservations when required!

White Mountains NH Unit is grateful to one of its members for his work in building a new unit website which, hopefully, will be on line before the New Year!

What’s News in Region 1?

Your Region President plans the next Region 1 Newsletter following the Mid-Winter IBT Meeting in Montgomery, TX. Your suggested news items will be most welcome, preferably after January 1st.

2009 International Officer Candidates

2009 International Officer Candidates

Published: November 15, 2008

The links below will take you to the resumes of the 2009 International Officer candidates. A new browser webpage will open when you click on a resume link.

2009 Region One Luncheon

2009 Region One East Luncheon

Published: September 9, 2008

Region One invites you to meet with fellow members friends and families over lunch. Bring your appetite and be prepared to share good cheer and your favorite traveling stories.

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
880 Palm Bay Rd
Palm Bay Florida 32907

Thursday, January 15, 2009 starting at 11:30 A.M.

Palm Bay Road Is Cr 516. From I-95,
Take Exit 176. Head east. Golden Corral is a short way down on the right.

There Is A Wal-Mart Supercenter (Fuel)
and Bj’s Wholesale Club (Fuel And
Propane) right across the road.

View photos taken at the event.

Region One Newsletter – September 2008

Region One President’s Newsletter – September 2008

Published: September 7, 2008

By Franklin Sanders

Franklin Sanders, Region One President This newsletter includes a report on events at the 51st International Rally in Bozeman, MT, which otherwise would have been made by Bob Thompson, as the outgoing Region 1 President. (Please see below regarding his suspension.)

51st International Rally Bozeman, MT

Bozeman was a great place to visit this almost-past summer, with “interesting” weather. The Sanders and Melociks arrived on June 10th, just before and amidst a late winter snow squall which swept through the northern Rocky Mountains, coating Airstreams and the Montana State University campus with enough snow to challenge the early workers who continued diligently to install water and electric service. (Dan Dureiko has his own tale to tell about being marooned at Penn Wood Airstream Park while awaiting service of his tow vehicle.) Parking and electric and water connections were delayed enough to test our ingenuity! But, those trials were put behind us and all worked together to prepare for forthcoming caravan and single unit arrivals.
Weather during the rally proper was pleasant. While temperatures were quite warm, the low humidity and steady breezes made outdoor activities enjoyable.
All the U.S. units in Region 1 were represented at the rally, as well as at the Delegates Meeting, and many members contributed their time to the smooth operation of rally activities. Our units were represented in various competitions, earning awards and recognitions for their members’ efforts:

  • Directories, Loose Leaf (Charter Oak CT Unit)Richard Kushman – 1st Place Trophy
  • Directories, Bound (New England Unit)Mary Hickman – 2nd Place Ribbon
  • Unit Newsletter Black and White (New England Unit)Pam Bleakney – 3rd Place Ribbon
  • Art Show Drawing Youth (White Mountains NH Unit)Kathryn Hirak 3rd Place Ribbon

(Cape Cod MA Unit was dismayed to learn that its superb entry in the Directories competition was lost by the judges, but recovered after the judging had been completed.)

Proceedings of the International Board of Trustees Meetings on June 25th and July 5th, and of the Delegates Meeting on June 30th, were reported in the September issue of Blue Beret.

The Region 1 Luncheon was held on June 29th at Johnny Carino’s Italian Grille, and featured the installation of Russ Melocik as 1st VP by Past Region 1 President Anne Werth, and of Dan Dureiko as 2nd VP by Region 1 President Bob Thompson. Past Region 1 President Raynold Lemaire entertained all with his stand-up comedy routine. His gifts of stained glass western hats were a wonderful souvenir of the rally and of the luncheon.

Community Service?

Is Community Service your forté? We need a Chair for our Community Service Committee. This person should be committed to helping Airstreamers share with the communities we visit, working with the Community Service Chairs of our units to develop programs which bring our talents to the aid of our communities, and in assisting the unit hosting our Region 1 Rally to create programs which benefit the community in which we hold our annual region rally. If interested, please contact Franklin Sanders.

Past President Thompson Suspended

On August 1, 2008, the WBCCI International Executive Committee suspended for one year the membership of Region 1 Past President Bob Thompson, and his wife Harriett, in response to the recommendation of the WBCCI Ethics and Grievance Committee. The decision of the IBT Executive Committee has been appealed by the Thompsons.

Unfortunately, for reasons outside the control of the IBT Executive Committee, its action was not disclosed until August 13th, except by a certified letter sent to the Thompsons’ postal forwarding service which was returned marked “refused”. The timing of the suspension presented a significant challenge to the presentation of the Region 1 Rally 2008, in which Bob Thompson had a major planning and organizing role.

The action of the IBT Executive Committee was vigorously discussed at the Region 1 Rally 2008, with a substantial number of members present objecting strenuously to the suspension and its timing.

Region 1 Rally 2008

Region 1 held its 42nd Annual Rally at Bayside RV Campground, Oyster Bed Bridge, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The site was incomparable, the temperatures pleasantly warm by day, and cool at night, and the weather pleasantly variable, with memorably sunny days towards the end of the rally week.

Canadian Atlantic Unit, under the leadership of President Joan Drake and First Mate Stan, did a superb job of orchestrating the rally, taking over seamlessly upon the suspension of Past Region President Bob Thompson and his wife Harriett, which became known less than four days prior to arrival of caravans and other members.

Despite distances from population centers in New England, Québec, and Ontario, and 2008’s increased cost of fuel, 103 member RVs came to the rally, bringing 209 adults, 10 teenagers and 7 younger children.

Prince Edward Island, Canada’s “Green Province”, offered an endless array of things to do, places to see and restaurants to enjoy. Members and their offspring enjoyed bicycling, hiking, visiting the Anne of Green Gables National Historic Site, and just relaxing at the lovely campground owned by Canadian Atlantic Unit members Leonard Gibbins and Michael Creighton, who were deeply involved in all aspects of presenting a most successful rally on their campground.

Region 1 Annual Meeting

The 2008 Annual Meeting of the Region 1 Board of Directors took place Thursday, August 21st, at Bayside RV Campground. Unit Presidents or vice presidents were present from each unit. Unfortunately, minutes of the 2007 Annual Meeting were not available. Following officers’ and standing and special committee chairs’ reports, Franklin Sanders thanked all for their service in the prior two years.

The President announced appointments of officers and committee chairs as follows:

  • Officers:Parliamentarian: Larry Lamontagne

    Secretary: Cynthia Melocik

    Treasurer: Trevor Lake

  • Committee Chairs:Caravan: Rich & Dottie Walbridge

    Community Service: [to be appointed]

    Ethics & Grievance: Rich Walbridge

    Family and Youth: Region 1 Rally Host Unit Chair

    Florida Luncheons: Russ Melocik and Dan Dureiko

    Legislative (USA): Russ Melocik

    Legislative (Cda): Claude Boucher and Stan Drake

    Membership: Fran Eckels

    Photographer: Raynold Lemaire

    Public Relations: Pam Bleakney

    Region 1 Rally Host Unit’s Rally Chair: Rich Walbridge-2009

    RV Parks: Russ Fuller

    Webmaster: Nancy Platt

The Board of Directors confirmed the appointments of the Secretary and Treasurer at the request of the President.

The election of a Nominating Committee Chair followed. Franklin Sanders noted that the prior custom of electing the Immediate Past President as Chair of the Nominating Committee could not be followed due to the membership suspension of Bob Thompson. He further advised that Past Region 1 President Raynold Lemaire had consented to be a candidate for the position. Raynold Lemaire, Michelle Plunkett, of the New England Unit, and Bob Butler, President of the Cape Cod MA Unit were nominated for the position. A show of hands was requested for each candidate: Michelle Plunkett received five votes, a majority of those cast, and was declared elected.

Under New Business, Mr. Sanders recognized the recipients of awards in competitions at the 51st International Rally, as listed above, and announced winners of Unit Merit Awards for 2007: Joan Drake, President of the Canadian Atlantic Unit, and Ray Moniz, President of the Charter Oak CT Unit. Caravan Leaders’ plaques previously received by Rich & Dottie Walbridge for the Boston to Bozeman and Maritime Holiday Caravans were recognized, and a Co-Leaders Plaque was presented to Larry & Pat Lamontagne for their work on the Maritime Holiday Caravan.

Unit Presidents were reminded of the requirement to keep Unit Constitutions and Bylaws up-to-date, and of that updates were required by the Charter Oak CT and Québec Canada Units in 2008-2009.

The final item of formal business was a proposal to update the Region 1 Policies and Standard Operating Procedures. The proposed update was approved unanimously. One of the more important changes was inclusion of provisions for board meetings by e-mail or postal mail.

The meeting closed with announcements by members of the Region Board of Directors, and a round of applause in thanks to the Canadian Atlantic Unit, and President Joan Drake, for a superb rally and their special role in taking full responsibility for the rally upon very short notice.

Special Thanks to Vendors!

We want to recognize, in particular, the generosity of two outside/vendor organizations:

Valenti’s RV Legends, an Airstream dealer located in Waterbury, CT, contributed numerous and widely varied RV accessories as door prizes our members at the rally.

Wilbur Smith Associates, a full-service transportation of and infrastructure consulting firm, of which Raymond Richard of the Charter Oak CT Unit is Vice President, contributed Sommeliers’ Knives and Leatherbound Notepads, which also were handed out as door prizes.

We thank both organizations, and hope you will patronize them.

Maritime Holiday Blog

Maritime Holiday Blog

Published: August 5, 2008

Maritime Holiday caravan blog

Follow the Maritime Holiday caravan’s fun, fellowship and adventure in their Maritime Holiday blog.

The caravan, hosted by Rich & Dottie Walbridge, left New England on August 5 and will arrive at the Region One Rally in Prince Edward Island on August 17. The caravan route includes travel in the Gaspé Peninsula along the Saint Lawrence River through quaint little towns and villages toward the final destination in Oyster Bed Bridge on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

President’s Report

Region One President’s Report

Published: July 18, 2008

Franklin SandersGreetings Airstreamers:

The 51st International Rally ended only two weeks ago, and your new Region 1 officer team looks forward to the next two years of Fun, Fellowship and Adventure as we rally and caravan together. It’s less than five weeks before our Region 1 Rally at Bayside RV Campground on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Bob Thompson, our Past President and Region 1 Rally Chair reports that 120 WBCCI member units have registered for the rally, which is a superb showing given the distance many of us will have to travel and the cost of fuel for our tow vehicles or motor homes. We expect a fine time to be had by all! If you haven’t signed up for the rally, there are a few more spaces available. Please contact Bob Thompson immediately at bob9581@hughes.net, or call 540-449-1101, to make your reservation.

While in Bozeman, Montana for the International Rally, I was in contact with members of each of our six units, looking for volunteers to fill the numerous committee positions which contribute to a smooth-running region. I was delighted by the positive responses I received from so many of you, and look forward to announcing the appointments at our Annual Region Meeting on August 21st. Our members are blessed with many talents, and have demonstrated a willingness to volunteer their help. It has been very encouraging to me.

Your region officers have agreed on a schedule of visitations to units at their 2008 Fall Business Meetings. I will be installing officers of Canadian Atlantic Unit at Bayside RV Campground on August 13th. Russ Melocik, 1st Vice President, will attend the unit’s Country Roads Rally in Nova Scotia on September 13th, and will install officers of Québec Canada Unit, in Yamachiche, Québec,on September 20th. Dan Dureiko, 2nd Vice President, will install officers of Cape Cod MA Unit on September 13th. I will install officers of White Mountains NH Unit on the same day, and will attend New England Unit’s Fall Business Meeting, in Milton, NH, on September 26th-28th. Dan and I both plan to attend Charter Oak CT Unit’s Fall Business Luncheon, in East Hartford, CT, on November 9th. (Don’t forget, the choice of installing officer is the prerogative of the incoming president of each unit.)

At this time of year, your outgoing presidents should be taking stock of the accomplishments of their units since installation last Fall; your incoming presidents should be planning for their unit’s year ahead. The WBCCI Unit Planning Guide and Merit Award Program facilitates effective unit programs and their evaluation. Your visiting region officer can help you with the program, and answer your questions. We’re looking for all Region 1 units to participate in the program. Do make use of it, and good luck in earning Merit Awards for your unit!

WBCCI has just introduced a Region Planning Guide and Merit Award Program intended to facilitate effective region programs and their evaluation. The program’s initial year of operation is July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008. Bob Thompson, as outgoing region president, is responsible for year’s activities and their evaluation, and would be the recipient of any award.

As you may recall, a special committee appointed at the Region 1 Annual Meeting in 2007, which consisted of Dick Bartram, Rick Cipot and Franklin Sanders, developed a Proxy Voting Proposal to amend the WBCCI Constitution and Bylaws to permit a unit to appoint a person from another unit in the same region to be its representative at the Delegates Meeting (held each year on June 30th). Bob Thompson introduced a motion at the winter 2008 International Board of Trustees meeting asking the IBT to introduce an amendment of the WBCCI Constitution at the 2008 Delegates Meeting. Bob’s motion immediately was ruled out-of-order on the basis that proxy voting was inconsistent with the status of a “deliberative assembly”, one at which all members are entitled to be present and discuss pending business. No discussion of the motion was permitted.

Bob Thompson reintroduced his motion at the IBT Meeting in June. International President Jerry Collins did permit discussion of the motion at the IBT Seminar on June 24th. After extensive discussion, a ‘straw poll’ of the IBT Board of Trustees was taken, and a majority of the members of the IBT indicated opposition to the motion. Objections to the motion were based upon the “deliberative assembly” theory, the complexity of the proposal, concern that proxy voting was not permitted under Ohio law for non-profit corporations unless specifically authorized as such, concerns as to control of proxy holders, and concern about reducing the rationale for attendance at Delegates Meetings. The motion was not brought forward to the formal IBT Meeting on June 26th.

Rich Kushman, President of Charter Oak Connecticut Unit, was present at the Seminar, heard the discussion, and thought of a far simpler way of achieving the objective of representation for units unable to send a Delegate to the Delegates Meeting. Rich shared with your region officers a proposal to broaden those qualified to be a Delegate or Alternate to include Affiliate Members of a unit. His proposal avoids references to proxies or proxy voting, and can be accomplished in a far simpler fashion that our original Proxy Voting Proposal.

This matter will be on the Agenda for our Region 1 Annual Meeting, with the opportunity to discuss the merits of a new approach as Rich has suggested, and how the amendment might be brought before the Delegates Meeting.

Registration forms can be found on the Region One Rally page of this website or for more information, contact: Bob Thompson (WBCCI#280) address is in the WBCCI Directory, or e-mail at BOB9581@HUGHES.NET.

Franklin Sanders

Maritime Holiday May Press Release

Maritime Holiday May Press Release

Published: May 22, 2008

Leards Rear Range lighthouse One of the most beautiful “Jewels of the World” is Prince Edward Island, Canada. An island with fantastic scenic harbors and coves with picture perfect lighthouses and with many points of interest.

Now close your eyes and think of a lobster boat coming through the mist heading for the dock with a load of lobsters or a potato farmer working in the field. Think of the smell of baking goods as you come into the villages. It’s all there and more. (By the way, after stopping for that fresh bread, go on down the road to the jam and jelly factory to get something to put on it!)

This rally is like no other, because each day you must decide to go to the beach; to visit lighthouses; to sightsee; to play golf; attend seminars; or to do nothing but relax by yourself or with the many friends that will be there.

Should you decide to visit Charlotte, be prepared to spend the day. Besides the Provincial Capital, there are dozens of shops with many, many fine things for sale. Be sure to take your camera. Restaurants are everywhere for your enjoyment. There are so many ways to fix a potato that there are cookbooks about it here. There is a rumor that there will be a storyteller at the rally and lots of ice cream. “Yes, Virginia”, at this rally you have choices and can do what you want. It is also the 100th Anniversary of “Anne of Green Gables”, with many events, activities and museums.

We will be having raffles, auctions and door prizes every day. We are asking our members to please bring something new to donate to these activities if you can. It is much appreciated.

Having considered the adult Airstreamer’s, we now are developing the youth program. So far, a poolside “GAM”, (Get Acquainted Meeting), a day at the beach, hiking, kite flying contest and campfires are planned. We are working on biking and some tours. So if you are 13 to 17 years and are coming to the rally, let Bob know via e-mail (below), what you want to do, so we can try to set it up.

We have 11 seminars, 4 workshops and two presentations for your education and pleasure. Now, we know you cannot attend everything, nor can you do everything, but the idea is for you to come, have fun, fellowship and adventure, while doing what you want. The choice will be yours. The only way you can do wrong is if you don’t come! This is the ONE RALLY you do not want to miss.

Registration forms can be found on the Region One Rally page of this website or for more information, contact: Bob Thompson (WBCCI#280) address is in the WBCCI Directory, or e-mail at BOB9581@HUGHES.NET.

Maritime Holiday April Press Release

Maritime Holiday April Press Release

Published: March 29, 2008

Cape Tryon lighthouse What’s that I hear? It is true, Bob says there is deep sea fishing charter boats real close to the rally site and great golf courses near by. So bring your golf clubs and enjoy. Don’t fish? Well how about going to one of the several “clam beds” and dig for clams. You bring the clams and we’ll cook them. Don’t like to dig for clams but love to eat them – there are lots of fine lobster restaurants all over the island and a great steakhouse in Charlestown. Charlestown is only 15 minutes from the rally site.

While touring the island, plan to see the theatrical play “Spirit of the Islands” sightseeing is great – bring digital camera and plenty of batteries. Or a good paint set with lots of canvas.

Several of the seminars have special booklets which will be given to attendees. These include RV communications, wheels, bearings and brakes, power sources for RV’s, water filtration and purification and others.

On Friday, we are having a great open house with a flea market, craft displays and sales by local community members, a vintage trailer display and new trailers on display. There will be a BBQ all afternoon.

What a week this will be, DJ’s and dancing, fiddles, bingo, and more.
And did i mention the breakfasts and dinners that are included as well as the happy hours and much more – door prizes, raffles, silent auctions

Although the Canadian Atlantic Unit has had many rallies on Prince Edward Island, this is the first regional rally held there. Now, if you were to miss this year’s Region 1 Rally, it may well be 18 years to the next regional rally in PEI. Why, because the Canadian Atlantic Unit covers three providences – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI. Now CAU only hosts a region rally every six years and since they have three different providences to cover, it may well be 18 years to the next one.

This is one rally you do not want to miss. For more info contact host Bob Thompson (WBCCI 280), the address is in the WBCCI directory or e-mail at bob9581@hughes.net. So load up the Airstream and join us in Prince Edward Island.

Bob Thompson, your rally host