Region One President’s Newsletter – April 2011

Published: March 29, 2011

By Russ Melocik

Previously we announced that a substantial revision of the club’s 50-some-year-old constitution is underway. It’s hard for me to imagine the thoughts, deliberations, back-and-forth communications etc that must have gone into the crafting of such a document. And doing so in accordance with the current constitution and Ohio Statutes. And true to the timeline for having it ready for presentation at the DuQuoin Delegates Meeting. Well, it has been done. Last I heard, it has been reviewed by the Constitution and By-Laws Committee. The next step is to inform the membership so each unit, in turn, may take a thoughtful vote on the question and charge its delegate and alternate to deliberate and vote in the best interests of their unit. Add “Responsibility” to “Fun, Fellowship and Adventure.”

As we move away from winter and into travel mode, I’d like you to consider an added attraction surrounding the First Nation Region Rally in Rivière-Rouge Quebec. As we speak, Rich & Dottie Walbridge are putting the finishing touches on a caravan to & from Rivière-Rouge. The travelers will have a choice of where they rendezvous: either in Danbury CT on July 23 or at Thornbush Acres RV Park in Indian Lake NY on July 24. (Because so many travelers might be coming from ME, NH, VT & NY, it may be advantageous for them to meet in Indian Lake).

Thornbush Acres in Indian Lake is a 4-day stay. Next, White Face Mountain KOA in Lake Placid is a 3-day stay and Camp Hither Hills in Ottawa, Ontario is a 3 day stay. The Caravan enters Ste. Veronique on August 03. It departs on August 08 and stays in Montreal for 3 days and in Quebec City for 3 days, departing for home on August 14. Plans include a pot luck supper, a BBQ and a luncheon along with planned tours in the Adirondacks, Lake Placid, Ottawa, (the Capital of Canada), Montreal and Quebec City. The cost of the caravan is TBD and will include all the camping, museum tours, boat tour, BBQ, driver’s manual and tourism guides and information. If interested, contact Rich at 781-254-6399 or write to Rich and Dottie at: Please note the 20-unit maximum. When the remaining details have been finalized, Rich, Dottie and I will get the word out. Meanwhile, set your expectations in their full upright and locked positions and let Rich & Dottie know you’re interested.

BTW: If you have been on a Walbridge Caravan or debriefed one who has, you can count on a well-organized adventure at a terrific value.


For those interested in an express caravan to DuQuoin, contact Per Hamnqvist at hamnqvist @ Per advises the caravan will assemble at Penn-Wood Airstream Park just off Rte 66 at Exit 84 of I-80 in PA on Saturday, June 25.

Those interested in a candidacy for Region Office (President, 1st VP and 2nd VP), please contact Franklin Sanders, Chairman of the 2011 Nominating Committee. The Nom Comm report will be submitted at the Rivière-Rouge Rally where nominations from the floor will also be entertained. Ballots will be prepared and sent to the units which will vote at their fall business meetings. There is a provision for a write-in candidate on each unit’s ballot. V.P.’s-elect will be installed during the Region 1 Luncheon at the 2012 International Rally. The Pres-elect will be installed at a separate ceremony at the 2012 International Rally. (

Region 1 News (Blue Beret) contributors are needed. Cynthia and I have submitted most of the articles so far this club year. The article we submit on April 15 (June Edition) will be our last. If you would like to get involved in this way, please let me know. This can be a fun way for you to contribute to the club and to share your personal Region One travel experiences and observations. Multiple contributors & by-lines welcome. You do the writing and I’ll do the rest. (

Think Spring.

Russ Melocik