Region One President’s Newsletter – November 2011

Region One President’s Newsletter – November 2011

Published: November 22, 2011

By Russ Melocik

How about that First Nations Rally in Riviere-Rouge! How about that “Quietly to Quebec” caravan round trip to the rally! Many thanks go to Jean-Pierre Meilleur and Clemence Lemay & their volunteers for the rally activities and beautiful weather. Rich and Dottie Walbridge, you did another wonderful job of leading a region caravan and providing a large measure of fun, fellowship & adventure. Your modestly-paced itinerary went a long way to help us enjoy our stops and attractions as we looked forward to the next day.

Thank you to those unit officers who submitted their 2012 reports and activities schedules ahead of the November 01 deadline. Reports yet to be filed can still make it for Blue Beret editions down the road. Remember to send a copy of your reports to the Region Officers.

Many thanks to the units that have returned Region Officer Ballots to the Region Secretary. The deadline for receipt of ballots is December 01.

As of November 01, Ernie Bauer’s appointment to fill the vacant position of 2nd VP is effective. Ernie has also agreed to run for the 1st VP position which would be effective June 29, 2012.

All three Region Officers have signed up for the winter IBT meeting in January, 2012. The venue is Hattiesburg MS. Its agenda has not yet been distributed but the Constitution & By-Laws revision is sure to be included. If the proposed revision is approved in Hattiesburg, it goes to the delegates at the 2012 International Rally/Convention in Sedalia MO. As soon as a post-Hattiesburg draft revision is released, I’ll pass copies along for your consideration prior to your spring business meetings. It is important that your SBM discussions on this issue include a charge to your delegate and alternate. If your unit is not to be directly represented at Sedalia, take a look at your Unit Constitution and By-Laws & membership roster. Any regular member of a Region One Unit who is also an Affiliate Member of your unit can represent your unit as a delegate or alternate as long as he/she does not already represent another unit AND as long as your CBL’s allow.

Region One faces an issue that should not be swept under the carpet. The White Mountains New Hampshire Unit has advised that it no longer has the active manpower required to plan and produce a Region One Rally of the quality it has in the past and which you have come to expect. While individual WMNHU members have offered services in a supporting role, WMNHU sponsorship of a Region Rally is just not in the cards. As a “Mountaineer,” I can recognize the problem and agree with WMNHU’s tough, unfortunate conclusion. That said, your Region Officers will be taking a hard look at the R1 Policies and Procedures. I ask that you, each and every one, take a close, thoughtful look at them and get back to me with your individual, group, personal or public views so we may discuss options and present findings at our 2012 Region Business Meeting at Goose Hollow.

Also on the horizon is the Quebec Canada Unit 50th Anniversary. Plans are still in their infancy. What we do know is that a Celebration will be themed as a reunion and planned for July, 2012. All current and former Quebec Unit officers and Region One officers will be especially encouraged to attend. Please stay tuned for details and revisions to announced plans. As new and different information comes about, I will work with the reunion chairman to get the word out to you.

Spending time on Florida’s East Coast this winter? Consider joining fellow travelers at the Region One Luncheon. Golden Corral in Palm Bay. Thursday, January 12 @ 11:30 AM.

You’re also invited to the Florida East Coast Luncheon. Buffet City in Brooksville. Wednesday, February 01 @ 11:30 AM.

Safe travels,


Region One News – November 2011

Region One News – November 2011

Published: November 1, 2011

By J. Rick Cipot

I was asked the other day how long is the camping season in New England. Well that isn’t as easy to answer as one might think. Many folks in our area are what is know as Snow Birds, and they travel south with their Airstreams for the winter months. I never really did like the tag, Snow Birds; not sure what it really means but just doesn’t sound right to me. A snow bird is probably a penguin and as we all know we prefer flamingos around here. Back to the original question, there are plenty of folks in New England who close their camping season the weekend after their units Fall Business Meeting and then there are those who will keep their Airstream on the road till the first snow. Then there is a handful of us who go into the snow season, that would be us. There is just something magical about laying three Pendleton wool blankets on your bed, scraping the frost from the inside of your windows and listening to the constant whining of your furnace burning up thirty pounds of propane a day. SO how long is the camping season in New England? As long as you want it to be!

This past camping season in Region One has been a very busy one and one with wonderful memories for all. All of our units had a full schedule of events ranging from small rendezvous rallies to the great Region One in Canada. From pine forests to riverside marinas, there was a rally to meet anyone’s tastes this past year. And from what I have seen so far from the Region One units, next year will be another bumper crop of rallies. What is a bumper crop anyway? In the 17th century a bumper was a very large glass of beer or wine. Now that brings me to Happy Hour! Over the past several years I have seen our traditional Happy Hour go from cheese and crackers to only what I can describe as extravagant displays of culinary delights. From sitting in your Zip Dee chair to decorated Shangri-La’s! Unit tents decorated with lights, disco balls, bunting, and themes to heighten the event. One thing is very sure, Airstreamers love to party, eat and drink well and are a very creative lot of folks. I have to admit, some of my best friends own Airstreams. OK, my only friends own Airstreams.

As I look at the few remaining events for this year, there are still a few Holiday parties to attend and one or two not listed events to attend. During this time of year we tend to stay home indoors, afraid to venture past the end of our driveways. I would like to make a proposal for each unit in Region One to plan a few extra events for the cold dark months ahead to keep the spirit warm; host a rally at a local pub, favorite restaurant or how about a open house party? I would love to see a few events like these show up in the next rally schedule just to keep the promise of spring and a new camping season just around the corner. For those strong souls camping for Thanksgiving, keep your fires warm and your friends close. All you others, please have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and lets all be thankful for the family and friends we hold so dear.

Region One Caravan to the 1st Nation Region One Rally in Ste. Veronique, Quebec

Region One Caravan to the 1st Nation Region One Rally in Ste. Veronique, Quebec
Published: October 31, 2011
By Rich and Dottie Walbridge
Quietly to QuebecWe wanted our Quietly to Quebec caravanners to enjoy a short trip (about 400 +/- miles) to the 1st Nation Region One Rally (located in a community of 6 towns named, Riviere-Rouge, Quebec) in a relaxing way, without rushing to and from the rally which, itself is usually busy with tours and daily activities. Since we have never toured in Eastern New York and Ontario, we knew we could depend upon other caravan leaders, Rich & Kathy Griffin for some direction and they came through with excellent suggestions for stopovers and activities along the way.

Due to logistics and extremely hot & humid weather, we changed our minds about boondocking overnight at the Danbury, CT I-84 rest area campground and instead, rendezvoused at a rest area in Glens Falls, NY off I-87. This made our first drive just 55 miles into our 4-night stopover smack-dab in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains in Indian Lake, NY at a small family-run campground named Thornbush Acres RV Park. We all enjoyed the pull-thru wooded sites and the friendliness of the owners who set up a large shelter-canopy over a dozen picnic tables. This is one of those very few campgrounds where the pricing does not include the cost of electricity and payment for your stay is collected on the way out after the electric meters are read. It was still very reasonable camping.

While in Indian Lake, we attended an all day self-tour of the wonderful Adirondack Museum which depicts early life in the Adirondack area. This is a museum where the locals donate items of interest and are restored by craftsmen to their original condition; the boats of various shapes and sizes with their steam engines and vintage outboard motors gave us a feeling that we’ve come a long way in the last 100 years or so. We also toured Raquette Lake on board the W.W. Durant, a family-owned and built, steel-hulled ship with plenty of seating inside and on deck. We all enjoyed a wonderful gourmet luncheon that would hold us over until our first potluck supper and surprise birthday party for one of our caravanners.. We had a day to ourselves for those looking to bike or tour the area more on their own.

Our next stop was just less than 100 miles up the road to Lake Placid, NY. This 3-day stop allowed us to tour the factory at Colin Hyde Airstream Restoration in nearby Plattsburgh, White Face Mountain where one can drive to the scenic top or take a gondola there or just shop till you drop on the main street in downtown Lake Placid. The Whiteface Mountain/Lake Placid KOA is an excellent place to stay. It is in the woods with all big pull-thru sites with top notch services and free Wifi. The owners of the campground allowed us to use their commercial cookout station in an undercover picnic area overlooking the swimming pool. Here, we had a BBQ put on by the Leaders and Assistant Leaders and again celebrated a birthday of the Cape Cod Unit President. By far, this family-run resort is the best KOA we have ever stayed in. We will be back here to do some fly fishing someday.

Red Bus Tour of OttawaWe crossed the border into Canada at Cornwall without much delay and arrived in a suburb of Ottawa called Gloucester at Camp Hither Hills. Again, it is a 3-day stopover so we can properly tour Canada’s Capitol City on a “Red Bus” tour and a buffet luncheon at the Rideau-Carleton Raceway. The sulky races were fun to watch and some adventurous campers even made bets; only one winner prevailed but with not enough winnings to declare at the border. Our full-service campsites with Wifi, were back-in and put us close together so we could enjoy our happy hours, Caravanner Tour Meetings and Ice Cream Socials easily. Our free day allowed some of us to shop, tour some more and ride bikes along the in-town river walk.Ted Price sits with a friend

The 130-mile drive to Ste. Veronique was fun and adventuresome along some very winding and hilly country roads through some very neat little villages. Our arrival to the Region One Rally site was welcomed by the Quebec Canada Unit parking committee and we were all parked within just a few minutes of our arrival time. We were all parked together and set up within just a few minutes. The location was an area just outside of a Municipal-run campground nearby a very picturesque lake. The rally was fun and included lots of food, tours of the Indian 1st Nation nearby and the local tourism industry in that area. Sunday morning brought an outdoor Catholic Mass celebrated by a priest from South America and joined in a celebration by the 1st Nations Indian Tribe where many of us smoked a peace pipe with the tribe members. Quebec City tour

Back street in MontrealAfter rallying for 5 days, we traveled to the hustle and bustle of Montreal; although, New York City is rated as busy, this city isn’t far behind with wall to wall traffic moving along at 55 mph or better. We had a super campsite outside the city to the south named Camping Allouette. It was a good stopover with excellent services, but with a construction detour at the prescribed exit that made for some difficult directions. We all made it, though some of us took an unplanned tour nearby the campground. Some of us took an all day bus tour while others chose to take the walking tour of Old Montreal nearby and including the Basilica of Notre Dame. Ice Cream socials complete with homemade brownies rounded out our on site camping activities.

Our final stopover was across the Ste. Lawrence River from Quebec City at a family-run “Big Rig” campground named, Camping Transit. These folks run a good campground with super facilities. Our group had a private mini-bus tour of Quebec City with a very knowledgeable tour guide who loved his job. Pierre was excellent! We enjoyed plenty of downtime too, but some of us could not get enough of Quebec City’s little shops while others drove to other tourism sites themselves. Our farewell banquet was a BBQ put on by the Leaders and Assistant Leaders at the campground hall nearby their pool.

All the campgrounds were excellent with plenty of power, good water and sewer connections and for the most part were easy in and out sites. We did not pre-drive or scout this caravan which kept the cost down; we depended upon the knowledge of others before us and we used all highly rated campgrounds found in the Trailer Life Campground Directory and investigated more thoroughly on the Internet. Google Earth, Google Maps and a Garmin Nuvi 760 were used for directions. We found that seeing the actual campground access road via Google is a failsafe way of knowing where your caravan members are heading.

Each member of the caravan was given a Driver’s Manual with directions and optional suggested places to tour if they so choose. To remind our caravanners of their fun times on our caravan, we sent them all a DVD with a music accompanied-slide show.

We are a caravan club… is in our name.

Rich & Dottie Walbridge, Region One Caravan Leaders

Region One Rally Press Release – October 2011

“Streamin’ the Region” October Press Release

Published: October 29, 2011

Streamin' the Region
Now that our 2011 camping season is winding down it is time to start ramping up our 2012 Region One Rally planning. As everyone knows, we will be hosting, as a unit, the 2012 Region One Rally at Goose Hollow Campground. We have worked very hard at listening to what WBCCI members have said in the past about region rallies, both positive and not so positive. There is no doubt that taking on the task of hosting such an event is a lot of work and takes a lot of planning. With that said, I feel very good about what our members have accomplished to this point.
First and foremost we have an incredible venue for the event. Formerly an Airstream Park, Goose Hollow offers 200 private sites with water and power, fire pit, and table. 90% of the sites have sewer hookups; for the few that do not have sewer, we will offer pump-out on demand. There will be no crowding of rigs; we will have plenty of space for happy hours and special activities on the lush green lawns of Goose Hollow. There is also a swimming pool along with campground activities such as horse shoes and a bocce tournament. There are some nice local attractions as well.
Special activities we are working on include:

  • Red Hook Beer Tasting
  • Airstream Maintenance Seminar
  • Leather Craft Class
  • Table Fruit Decorating
  • Photography Seminar
  • Pampered Chef Demonstrations
  • Streamin’ the Region Event
  • Pink Flamingo Costume Ball
  • Open Mic Night
  • Vintage Airstream Open House
In the works are possible visits by Zip Dee for installations and repairs, and Vintage Trailer Supply for a talk/demonstration. We would like as many suggestions as possible from our unit members for committee discussions.
We would like to hold an organizational meeting in mid-January. We are asking our unit members for suggestions of dates and locations which would meet our needs and be conveniently located.
The next newsletter will list our existing chairpersons, committees that need help, and open slots. We are open to suggestions for events and input from all members. The important thing to remember is that the unit needs your help to make this a great event. We have a very solid foundation in place and we are all ready to kick off the event planning with each and every one of our unit members as part of the team.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with your suggestions, comments, ideas, or concerns via phone or email: Remember, this is our event to make as enjoyable and fun as we have in the past.
To all the committee chairpersons: I want to thank everyone who has stepped forward. To the rest of the unit members: thank you in advance for your help in the coming months as we prepare to host another well-presented and well-attended Region One Rally.
J. Rick Cipot

Region One Rally Chairman

2012 Region One Rally

2012 Region One Rally
Published: September 10, 2011
New England Unit
The WBCCI Region One annual Airstream rally will be held at Goosehollow Campground in Thornton, NH from August 9 - 12, 2012.
The WBCCI Region One Rally is an annual Airstream event held within the geography of Region One during the month of August. The New England unit is hosting the “Streamin’ the Region” Region One Rally from August 9 – 12, 2012.
A WBCCI Regional Rally designed for and around the membership for promoting camping and fellowship around the region. We have plenty of activities planned for fun with new and old friends alike.
Daily on-site activities, demonstrations, seminars, and games for children and adults. Regional food contest by each unit, Pink Flamingo dinner ball with costume contest, open mic night.
These and many, many more fun events are planned for a four day WBCCI party for all.
>>Download the sign-up form in PDF format (opens in a new window)

Thanks God, It’s Over

Thanks God, It’s Over

Published: September 10, 2011

The ” First Nations Rally 2011 ” from August 4TH to 8TH , 2011 in Quebec Canada, organized by the Quebec Unit was as successful as possible. We enjoyed having over 60 trailers in our small town of Rivière-Rouge. It was an event to remember and believe me, we will! One thing to really keep in mind is the friendship we felt during the most important activity, which was the “First Nations’ Day”. A hundred and three people participated and they came back with only good, or should I say excellent comments. We had everything, nice people, nice weather and a sunny and hot day. The only thing we have to deplore is that as chairmen we didn’t have enough time to spend with people, which means we will have to attend other Region Rallies to have time to get to know the people. But what we will remember the most is the wonderful experience it was to organize such an activity. Once again thanks to everyone in the organization who gave us a hand even if some people feel they didn’t do much, without all of you it wouldn’t have been possible.

Clemence Lemay and Jean-Pierre Meilleur

Chairmen, First Nations Rally 2011, Region 1 Quebec Canada Unit

Region One News – September 2011

Region One News – September 2011

Published: September 1, 2011

By J. Rick Cipot

FLASHBACK – Due to the deadlines we have with our printer, sometimes our Region news is a bit delayed. Not that this is a bad thing since it does give us all a chance to reflect on what is happening within our perspective regions and share news and items of interest with good intentions. Hence our going back in time just a little to review the Region One Rally for 2010. AWSOME! This year’s hosts were the Quebec Canada Unit directed by Jean-Pierre Meilleur and Clémence Lemay. First, a standing ovation for them and all the wonderful volunteers who showed everyone true Canadian hospitality. You may now all be seated. Thank you all for a job well done. From the opening ceremony we all knew we were in for a special time. Guest were treaded to many wonderful meals, live entertainment, a visit from the Rivière-Rouge Mayor, visited a local casino, town tour and a very educational visit with the local Indian Tribe at their sacred site and were served a fine lunch. On behalf of everyone who attended I wish to congratulate the Members of the Quebec Canada Unit for a job well done.

After Saturday’s dinner the New England Unit presented their plans for hosting the Region One Rally in Thornton, New Hampshire and it looks to be another good time for everyone. They have the registration form up on the WBCCI web-site and I know they are looking forward to hearing from you all.

REAL-TIME – As I review the remaining rallies for our region there is still a lot of camping left to do. My personal prediction for our first snow fall this season is November 22 so everyone has plenty of time before needing to winterize their rigs for the coming cold months. Fall in New England is always a magical time and just seems a little bit better when shared with friends. I know that a few of our units are already putting next years rally schedules together and I personally look forward to trying to get together at least once with each unit in our region. Till next time, keep camping, enjoy the adventure and remember to keep me posted on any news or events upcoming or past.

Region One News – August 2011

Region One News – August 2011

Published: August 1, 2011

By J. Rick Cipot

Welcome to Region One and my first Region News taking over for Russ who has done a wonderful job filling in for us. By the time you receive this edition our Region One Rally, First Nations Rally has possibly passed and I will address the great success of that event next month. One of the wonderful features of living in New England is the weather is always changing and with that so does each of our camping outings. With six Units in our region there is always something planed for somewhere for everyone. As of right how there are over fourteen rallies between all of our units located all over our Region with great activities planed for each. I would encourage everyone to try and attend at least one rally with a neighboring unit this year. What a great way to met some new folks and bring home some new ideas and activities for one of your own rallies. Speaking of rallies, if you have never hosted a rally with your unit before you may want to co-host with a member. You will be very surprised how easy and fun it is to host a rally for you unit. A simple theme and go from there. You will be pleasantly surprised with the ideas you come up with and how quickly your fellow unit members will join in on the fun.

Have fun through the rest of the summer camping with your WBCCI friends and please be sure to share your adventures. If you would like to share any WBCCI news related stories with your fellow members please send me an email and I will see what I can do. Keep the shiny side up and keep on camping!

Region One President’s Newsletter – July 2011

Region One President’s Newsletter – July 2011

Published: July 9, 2011

By Russ Melocik

The 54th International Convention Rally is in the can. By most testimonies, it was a success. Some 539 registrations were tallied. Included were eleven Region One members (three First-Timers and one Unit President) representing five units plus two Region Officers. Dave Schumann and Rick March represented Airstream in the vendor area. Larry Huttle, Chairman of Airstream, Inc., addressed a packed house and introduced his successor, Justin Humphreys, whose 5-member family is on the grounds in their 30-foot Airstream.

The business meeting went smoothly with discussion focused mainly on the “Motor Home” issue, the Constitution Revision Amendment and expense reduction. The maker of the Constitution Revision Amendment postponed action to allow for more discussion at the Unit level. Both questions will be referred to the 2012 Delegates Meeting for decision.

Two Cynthias earned their stripes at DuQuoin. Cynthia Richard produced the Rally Program. If you have seen one, you can imagine how complex a document it is to organize and publish. At the last minute she also stepped in to rescue the Region One Luncheon, a joint event with Region Five. In her spare time, she helped out at the registration table. Cynthia Melocik gathered Region One Unit flags, borrowed poles and lined up participants in a successful effort to assure R1 pride at the Opening/Flag Ceremony. Five of our six units were smartly represented. Ray Richard, when he was not working in Transportation and as Stage Manager, joined Yours Truly as Committee Coordinator. In his spare time, he worked with his wife, Cynthia. He also helped my Cynthia in a big way. After her printer got cranky and would not obey commands, he offered his printer and time to print a luncheon program.

The Region, White Mountains New Hampshire and Charter Oak Connecticut Units displayed Bulletin Boards. Because no judges could be recruited, publications were not judged.

Bill Thomas of St Louis was the Airstream Dealer Vendor. We hear he sold 10 new trailers and 2 trade-ins while here. He is our Airstream Vendor again in 2012.

Next year’s venue is Sedalia MO. Parking will be on grass and all sites are 30-Amp three-ways. Pricing is the same as DuQuoin plus each registrant gets a ticket for a free picnic afternoon. One-hundred forty-eight early registrations were recorded as of July 05. More detail: $14002.00 was donated to an 18-month-old local youth with Spina Bifida; 1628-lbs of can tabs were received along with more than $100.00 in mixed cash.

On an unfortunate note, Dan Dureiko, First VP, offered his resignation as of July 01, 2011. His work schedule and other demands on his time interfered with his ability to carry out the responsibilities of the position. Thank you, Dan, for giving it a go. We hope to see more of you this rally season. The loss of our First VP means that Ray Richard, Second VP, moves up to First VP for the remainder of Dan’s term. It also means that the Region Nominating Committee is charged with securing three able and willing candidates for presentation at the 2011 Region Rally in Rivière-Rouge. Those elected to office this year will take office at the 2012 International Rally in Sedalia.

See you down the road.


Quietly to Quebec Caravan

2011 “Quietly to Quebec” Region One Caravan
Published: May 3, 2011
By Rich and Dottie Walbridge
Quietly to QuebecRegion One is going to Riviere Rouge, Quebec to attend the Region One Rally and you are invited to join the Region One Caravan that is crossing through New York’s beautiful Adirondack Mountains. The caravan will rendezvous at the Danbury, CT (eastbound camping rest area) on July 23, 2011.

There are 17 days of sightseeing, touring & traveling planned along the way. The caravan has been arranged so you won’t feel like you have been on the road pushing for that destination way off in the distance. Experience “PULL-IN—UNHITCH—TOUR”; no time-consuming registrations or paying out of pocket at the campgrounds; it has all been done for you.

Caravanning is all about friends traveling together and enjoying each other’s company, so the schedule has been worked out where our daily tours, campfires, ice cream socials, dinners and happy hours take place just when you want them; we have not encroached on downtime so you can relax or be as busy as you want to be. Our drives are reasonable in length and will not be considered a chore on driving days. Hooking up and traveling with fellow caravanners will be easy because we have even arranged “work” for everyone to take part in. Providing some responsibility for caravanners is just part of the game of getting member’s schedules together, thus traveling and having fun with someone you might not know quite as well as another.

Some of the activities planned are a visit to the Adirondack Museum, a cruise on Raquette Lake, a tour of the Lake Placid Olympics Facilities, a bus tour of Ottawa (Capital of Canada), a tour of Old Montreal, and a tour of Quebec City. For more information, see the sign-up form and calendar links at the bottom of this page or contact Rick or Dottie.

Contact information:

Rich & Dottie Walbridge, Caravan Leaders

15 Edgewood Road

Scituate, MA USA


Rich @ 781-254-6399

Dottie @ 781-248-8116

Quietly to Quebec sign-up form
Quietly to Quebec calendar