Region One President’s Newsletter – January 2011

Published: January 31, 2011

By Russ Melocik

Dateline: Robstown, Texas. The 2011 Winter IBT meeting has just ended. Lots of business discussed throughout the week and a couple of free days to visit attractions in nearby Corpus Christi, Padre Island and Kingsville.

In no particular order, I’ll try to accurately summarize the week’s happenings. I’d also ask that you visit the Region One website for the text of an important memo from Larry Huttle, Chairman of Airstream, Inc.

WBCCI was the first RV group to visit the brand new hookup area of the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds. Attendance was reported in the 130-rig range.

The club’s Constitution and Bylaws are undergoing a massive overhaul now about 99% complete. After a final, final, review the finished product should be available for discussion and decision at Du Quoin. The current document has served the club well over some 50-years. But the club and the times have changed. Now it’s time to bring our Blue Book up-to-date. It should be noted that a new club constitution means a new model constitution for the units. A new model leads to each unit’s need to bring its new constitution into compliance with International’s. Put your thinking caps on as you draft your own document and get ready to contact your favorite region officer with questions. interim_report_revision_committee.pdf

There was a lot of discussion on the procedural and parliamentary steps involved in amending the club’s current Constitution. After an exhausting session involving the full Board of Trustees and the chairman of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, it was reaffirmed that there are three methods of amending the Constitution. Two are reserved for the units and one for the International President.

Budgeting was examined in great length. In short, some 250 of our membership will be lost during the coming fiscal year, (60% of non-renewals due to death or retirement from towing) leading to a budget shortfall of $16,500.00. Lots of time was spent on ways to increase income and/or reduce expenses. Speaking of increased income, what better way than recruiting new members and holding on to established Caravanners?

The Nominating Committee returned its report. John Stumpf, Region 6 Pres, was nominated for International 3 VP while current officers were nominated for advancement.

Looking forward? Look to Sedalia MO to host the 2012 International Convention-Rally. Rumor only but Oklahoma may be our 2013 venue. Hattiesburg MS is being talked-about as a 2012 Winter IBT location.

Stay tuned for more Constitution & Bylaws information.

Please access the Huttle memo here: larry_huttle_memo_2011-01.pdf

And remember:

See you this summer. Meanwhile, keep shoveling up north and shivering down south.