Region One News – April 2017
Published: April 1, 2017
By J. Rick Cipot

Well it’s that time of year again when folks are either doing their taxes or getting ready for the coming camping season. Personally I think it fabulous that our wonderful Airstreams are considered a second home. So, if you happen to have a loan for that beautiful new Airstream in your driveway, tax deduction! I tried it once with an airplane explaining to our financial guru that since I had a hot plate, two seats folded into a bed and we had a “Johnny on The Spot”, so we had all bases covered. Well that didn’t fly (pun intended) with him very well and we didn’t take the deduction. However Sandi and I did take delivery of our first Airstream on April 15, 2005 and we still celebrate every year by camping. Oh yes, taxes are done. Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?

As usual, I want to offer up a great big thank you to our friends at WBCCI, Jackson Center for a wonderful job on the new and improved Blue Beret. It’s been a few months now and the magazine has come a long way. Now I have always looked forward to the next issue but there is just something about full color and better content that can’t get it into my mailbox fast enough. The first section I always go to is the new members section. Impressive folks! Just what we need; new members, new ideas and more friendships to be made. I make it a habit to be sure that I have an ample supply of membership forms and my “Camping” business card in the truck and car at all times. Whenever we see an Airstream either at a campground or in a driveway, I make it a habit to either stop by and say hello or just tuck the packet under a wiper blade or mailbox. The grass roots approach to invite new members.

I will say the members in Region One certainly have the New England spirit for adventure and have a few options very early in the season to go camping. A few rallies are posted for the month and there actually are a few campgrounds ready for guests. Sandi and I will be in Provincetown for a rally and Shelburne, VT to test out our mud driving skills. As always, do stop by to say hello when you see us and keep the Shiny Side Up!