Region One News – August 2017
Published: August 1, 2017
By J. Rick Cipot

August always seems to arrive too quickly and often reminds us fall is just around the corner. For Sandi and I we look at it this way, we still have 18 camping weekends till we winterize. Of course our full-timing fellow Airstreamers have a totally different opinion on the matter. They have 52 camping weekends. With that said Region One certainly has many, many opportunities to get your Airstream on the road. From Canada down to Connecticut, there is an abundance of great rallies scheduled. Warning! Rallies have been filling up quickly this year. At one time in our Regional history you would most likely see three or four rallies per unit for the camping season. Today pick almost any weekend and something is most likely on the schedule. Please visit your Region One web pages for current rallies and other tidbits of importance.

Saw our first new Basecamp at a campground in Connecticut and the new WBCCI member loves his rig and is looking forward to doing more camping and perhaps get involved in his unit. I will say the rig sure looks different out in the open wild than it did in the showroom. The only flaw I really noticed is that there is just no place for the Big Red Numbers! What’s up with that? I think a call to Mr. Wheeler may be in the future. Airstream should have a Joe Camper or Josephine Camper on the design team to assist in the little things.

Anyway, all is good in Region One and we have been seeing a steady growth in our membership over the past four months. Owning an Airstream can be a bit overwhelming and then rallies added to the newbies’ experience might scare them off. You know what I’m saying, we have all been there. Please remember to wear your name badges at happy hours, meals and any group activity. It does make a difference and even for us seasoned campers, there are folks we see only once a year and it’s sure nice to have that name badge to trigger the name recognition gene in our heads. The New England Unit has started a mentoring program and I think that’s a great way to bring in the newbies to feel at home and have someone to lean on. Won’t take long for them to feel a part of the “Family.”

Enjoy the remaining summer and as always, keep the shiny side up!