Region One News – August 2018

Region One News – August 2018

Published: August 1, 2018

By J. Rick Cipot

Greetings from Region One and the wonderful part of our country we call New England. But then I may be prejudice towards other parts of the country in thinking New England is the best place to live. OK, I admit, there are known pockets of people scattered around the country that think a cacti in the sand with rocks scattered about is far better than sitting under a great pine next to a cool flowing stream during the Dog Days of Summer. I would suppose the mixed diversity is what makes our club such a great organization to belong to. And speaking of diversity has anyone been able to check out the two new members of our Airstream Family; The Nest and the Atlas? Definitely worth a look for sure.

By now we have had our International Rally and our Region One business rally and now we can focus on what we do best, traveling and attending rallies. Options for rallies these days are by far so much better than just ten years ago. Now I am not saying that if you hosted a rally ten years ago you did a bad job at it, no! Any rally and an opportunity to be with fellow Airstreamer’s is a great rally. My point is that we have more rally options than ever before with greater attendance (more members makes for a great Happy Hour). Fellow members are realizing hosting a rally is not only a lot of fun but very rewarding as well. It’s not rocket science. When units would hold three rallies per season, we now see six rallies on their schedule. More rallies being held hold a theme and offer all sorts of ways to participate in new activities. Happy Hours have transitioned from an adult beverage and a Triscuit cracker with cheese in a can. Snacks have transitioned into Hors d’œuvres and even to the fringe of being a whole meal. I want to thank all those who have signed up to host a rally this year and say, job well done. As of right now Sandi and I have five more rallies on our schedule with an additional two that we are either hosting or co-hosting. Get out there and make some new friends and enjoy the comradery of owning an Airstream. And as always, be safe on the road and keep the shiny side up!

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