Region One News – April 2013

Published: April 1, 2013

By J. Rick Cipot

As the saying goes, “April Showers bring May Flowers”. Who ever created that little ditty never lived in new England or anywhere else in Region One. For those of us born and raised in this region of the world it is better known as “Mud Season”. Now we have a wonderful family owned tire shop here in town. Three generations of keeping the locals well tired and lubricated. You know, one of those comfortable places to go where they know your name, have a coffee pot always at the ready and always sound advise with fair prices. Well I stopped in the other day to say hello, catch a bit of the town gossip and Mike all of a sudden said…. “Rick, have you a set of mud tires for that fancy trailer of yours? You do start camping about now right?” Mud tires? Who knew. Well look out fellow Airstream owners, I have the coolest, go anywhere, awesome Mud Tires on our Safari that anyone has ever seen.

Being one of the WBCCI Regions that encompasses all the seasons mother nature can throw at us, we adopted, or what some scientists call human evolution. When it is too cold out to camp with friends there is always an alternative. Several of the units in our region continue the practice of gathering in tribes partaking in adult beverages and food. Not at campgrounds or Wal*Mart parking lots but in homes (yes one of those wooden structures that doesn’t have wheels) or local establishments which serve food and drink. What wonderful concept. So the next time you start planning an alternative event for your unit, please let other units in our region in on the event with an open invitation. it is very easy for us to share the rally schedules we post but let’s share in the winter event also. If you wish, drop me a line and I would be happy to share it with other units presidents.

Speaking of presidents – Have you reserved your spot for the Region One Rally yet? Many, many folks from across the region have been actively helping with the planning and volunteering to help out. Personally I am in a dilemma on the dress code; white tails or evening black tuxedo. This is a major concern since my tux is now a little tight in the waist and I don’t even own tails. I am sure the dress code committee will be publishing guidelines soon. So whatever you do in the coming months, share it with you fellow Region One members and keep it safe and slow down the road.