Region One News – May 2013

Published: May 1, 2013

By J. Rick Cipot

There is nothing better than May Flowers to get you in the mood for the great outdoors. Now that the New England Mud Season is officially over and almost all the camp grounds in our region are open, why are you sitting home reading your Blue Beret when you could be reading it under your Airstream awning? Airstream campers have a lot to offer, as we all know but they certainly weren’t built to stay parked in your driveway.

“Rally Ho!” should be our 2013 motto. And don’t even think of saying there isn’t a rally that you are interested in. Between all the units in Region One, there are over twenty-three events already on the board. Anything between an old fashioned clam bake, headstone history/rubbing, kayaking, museums and just enjoying a weekend with fellow Airstream lovers. Extravagant blueberry pancake breakfasts to the good ol’ Pot Luck Dinners. And please don’t forget the ever popular Region One Rally. Not just a rally for conducting club business but a real chance to make new friends and visit those who you haven’t seen in a while. I believe that tuxedos will be optional for Saturday night.

New Member Challenge – For Region One units only, the unit that brings in the most new members for 2013 you will win a new Rally Coffee Pot! That’s right; you can replace your old worn out coffee urn just by adding new members. Now of course there is a whole bunch of small type on the reverse side of the entry sheet but here it is; must be paid by October and listed on your member list, affiliates do not count, renewals will count if the members were not listed for three or more years. Quite simple actually, so keep those applications handy.